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Blended Learning Day

Happy Blended Learning Day!

Pick three activities of your choice.  Have fun!



Build any type of snow structure.  Find the area using your feet.  Email a picture of you and your snow structure to Mrs. Smith or Mr. Bastyr.

Go to sparticl.org or funbrain.com and explore the site.

Complete a set of 10 reps of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups.  Rest for a minute and repeat.

Go to Newsela and read an article of your choice.  Take the quiz.


Do a kind deed for a neighbor - shovel, share a treat, etc.

Play a game on ConnectEd (Everyday Math website).

Read aloud to someone for 20 minutes.


Spend 30 minutes practicing math skills using IXL.

Read to self for 20 minutes.