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Blended Learning Days


Happy Blended Learning Day!

Pick three activities of your choice.  Have fun!



Build any type of snow structure.  Find the area using your feet.  Email a picture of you and your snow structure to Mrs. Smith or Mr. Bastyr.

Practice your typing skills at www.typingclub.com or get caught up in your Kodable for media class.

Complete a set of 10 reps of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups.  Rest for a minute and repeat.

Read aloud to a sibling for 20 minutes.

Go to IXL and practice your math for 20 minutes.

Read to yourself for 20 minutes.

Go to Newsela and read an article of your choice.  Take the quiz.


Do a kind deed for a neighbor - shovel, share a treat, etc.

Practice your geography skills by drawing a map of your house. Or go to www.earthpicker.com to test your geography skills.