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Youth Programs

The purpose of youth programs is to build confidence, increase skills and knowledge, and encourage positive social interactions while promoting the development of the whole child.

Today’s children are going to be graduating into a new world with more demands and higher expectations. Partnership for 21st Century Learning and Citizenship is a national coalition compromised of educational nonprofits, foundations and businesses who are working together with the common goal of creating an environment where learning 21st century skills and citizenship is a reality for all students. P21 has identified a gap between the education they receive in school and the life skills needed to be successful in the community and workplace.

New Prague Area Schools' Community Education has always offered a strong and well-rounded selection of classes for our area youth that provide them with experiences that meet those needs.

Academics and Enrichment

Community Education complements the school day with afterschool, evening, weekend, and summer opportunities to strengthen academic performance and develop new interests.

Science Fair: Elementary

This is a fun event for children in grades 4-6, that includes displaying and judging your projects, as well as fun and engaging science activities for the whole family! A comprehensive packet of information is available for download that will take the students through the complete process of the project by using the scientific method or the engineering process from start to finish. 

Purple ribbon winners will advance from this fair to the regional fair in Mankato on Saturday, April 28, 2018. 

Additional science fair resources:

Science Fair Elementary Packet for 2019

Elementary Project Approval Form

Recreation and Sports

Community Education provides a wealth of summer and school year recreation and sports opportunities. Many of these are co-sponsored through Joint Powers Agreements with the City of Elko New Market and the City of New Prague.

Our Brochure

As you page through the brochure, you will notice that all of our classes fit into one or more of the areas identified below. As children participate in after school and youth enrichment classes they are gaining skills that will help them navigate through life. Learning truly can be fun!

Critical Thinking: allows students to use the mental process of problem solving using rational thoughts based on evidence to reach an answer using both conventional and innovative practices.

Communication: Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal skills.

Collaboration: The idea of working together towards a common goal.

Creativity: the exploration of imagination by creating new and different ideas.

Global Awareness: Learning from and working with others from different cultures, lifestyles and religions.

Health Literacy: understanding basic health information and services. Establishing preventative physical and mental health measures; including diet, nutrition and exercise.

Digital Literacy:  helps students understand their rights and responsibilities online, navigating through this new digital world empowering them to be smart and effective.