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Ecosystem/Life Science Unit

Ecosystems/Life Science unit

What an amazing project to create our own Biodome! Did you know that a project 
called Biosphere 2 contained humans! Follow the links below and find out more 
about food chains and energy in an ecosystem. 

Ecosystems/Life Science unit

Watch the following links:


Can we engineer a life size biodome that includes humans in the food chain? 
Find out if it was a success! Biosphere 2


Watch to find out what ecosystems are and the important parts of a 
successful ecosystem. 
What are ecosystems anyway?


Make your own biodome! Watch this video and engineer your own 
ecosystem in a bottle. 


Watch this video and put the following in your notes:
1. Where do plants get their food?
2. What is a food chain? Draw an example
3. What is an ecosystem?
4. How does energy flow in a food chain?
5. What is a habitat?
6. What is a food web? Draw a picture of one.

Food chains and food webs.


Here is the lessons we are doing in class. If you need to catch up 
read the lesson. 
Biodome lesson


Watch this to learn about adaptations. 
Adaptations (Peppered Moth)
Changes in forests


What happens when a species cannot make a change to adapt to its 
Watch this video on changes in ecosystems. 


Check out the list. Write a paragraph on one species of your choice.  
Tell why you chose it, why is it unique, why it is in danger, and 
any other information you feel is important. 
Animals that are endangered or threatened. 


*Be sure you know these definitions:
structural (physical) and behavioral adaptations, mutations
endangered species, and extinction. *Be sure you know how people and animals change the environment. *Look over the Google slide show below. Review for Chapter 6: