Fitness and Aquatics Supervisors

Interviews have been conducted the past two days for the supervisory positions for Aquatics and Fitness. The interview team reached consensus on their top candidate and made a recommendation for the hiring of each position.

Megan Giesen was offered and has accepted the Fitness Center Supervisor position. Megan has thirteen years of successful work experience at the Mayo Health System Fitness Center. Megan’s position will be officially approved at the August 27 school board meeting. In the meantime, besides serving as current Mayo Fitness Center manager, she will assist with the transition plans to the Central Education Campus. It is expected that Megan’s full-time starting date will begin at least one month before the opening of the Fitness Center.

Heather Otto was offered and accepted the Aquatics Center Supervisor position. Heather has recently served as the Interim Aquatics Supervisor the past several months. She has done a great job in her short time in this position. Heather’s start date for this position will begin July 23.