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Math Workshop

Everyday Math is our third grade math curriculum.  Our "I Can" statements reflect our learning target for each day.  Our learning goals include:

                        3rd Grade "I Can Statements"                                              

Number & Operation:

I can read, write, and use base-10 blocks to represent numbers up to 100,000.

I can use place value of a number between 1000 and 100,000 to write it in expanded notation.

I can round numbers to estimate sums and differences.

I can compare and order numbers up to 100,000 in number and written form.

I can add and subtract multi-digit numbers.

I can solve word problems that use addition and subtraction.

I can draw an array, picture, or use counters to show multiplication and division facts.

I can solve word problems that use multiplication an division.

I can multiply a 2 or 3-digit number by a 1-digit number.

I can read and write fractions with words and symbols.

I can tell that the size of a fraction is related to the size of a whole.

I can use the numerator and denominator to order and compare fractions.


I can create and apply input-output rules using addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

I can write a number sentence using multiplication and division with an unknown number.

I can solve a multiplication or division number sentence with an unknown number.

Geometry & Measurement

I can identify parallel and perpendicular lines and use them to create geometric shapes.

I can measure using 1/2 units.

I can find the perimeter of a polygon.

I can tell time to the minute and find elapsed time.

I can tell the relationship among units of time.

I can make change up to one dollar.

I can read and analog thermometer to tell temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

Data & Analysis

I can collect data, make, and interpret graphs (bar, picture, line plot).


Everyday Math Online Practice
Use your student log in and password to review math skills from today's lesson.  There are also tutorials on algorithm's we've learned in class.
To find your child's log in information, check the inside cover of their planner :)
IXL Math Subscription
Use this subscription to IXL math to review math concepts.
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