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Math Notes

Unit 12 and 13 will cover geometric concepts.  

This will cover Minnesota Math Standards: 

      • Describe and classify three-dimensional figures including cubes, prisms and pyramids by the number of edges, faces or vertices as well as the types of faces. 

      • Recognize and draw a net for a three-dimensional figure. 
      • Develop and use formulas to determine the area of triangles, parallelograms and figures that can be decomposed into triangles. 
      • Use various tools and strategies to measure the volume and surface area of objects that are shaped like rectangular prisms. 
      • Develop and use the formulas V = ℓwh and V = Bh to determine the volume of rectangular prisms. Justify why base area B and height h are multiplied to find the volume of a rectangular prism by breaking the prism into layers of unit cubes. 

 **Click on the lesson (in blue) to be taken to the notes from class.  If you are absent, a copy of the notes are also sent to your school email address.  You are responsible for the notes that you missed from class. 


Objective 12A: I can classify polygons.

Objective 12C: I can classify quadrilaterals.

Objective 12D: I can locate and identify vertices, edges, and faces of 3D shapes.

Objective 12E: I can describe 3-D figures viewed from different perspectives

Objective 12F: I can identify and draw nets of 3-D figures