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My Reading Life

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...step back more than 20 years ago, when I was in elementary school in this building you now all Falcon Ridge Elementary.  I had just moved home from Germany, starting 2nd grade with Mrs. Doyle.  I adored school, everything about it.  Then 5th grade happened.  One of my favorite teachers, to this day, is Mrs. McGuire.  Even though I loved my teacher, I began to notice something about myself as a reader.  I could read anything and everything very well.  Mrs. McGuire pulled me aside, had me read a little passage.  I sounded awesome.  Then she asked the dreaded question, "Can you tell me about what you just read?"  I panicked...freaked out!!!!  I had no clue, I didn't even know who a person was in the book.  I was so embarrassed, no one had ever really asked me that question before.  

So what's the secret...I loathed reading starting in 5th grade.  I struggled with it pretty bad.  I never read books.  No one helped me find great books that I might enjoy.  My comprehension was so poor.  The other secret...those state tests you have to take.  My class was the first EVER class to take them.  I didn't pass the reading and had to take it over.  

Then something happened in Mr. Puls' CSI (Current Social Issues) class in high school.  He required us to read a book about an issue that is plaguing our society.  My group was assigned the book Outbreak by Robin Cook.  I found out that I was obsessed with the book and couldn't put it down.  I understood every single word of the book and could even talk to my group about the book.  OK--so maybe reading isn't so bad.  Then Mr. Kreger.  We read the book, The Scarlet Letter.  Loved that one, too!  

I began to realize something...maybe I did enjoy reading, especially if it's a book that I really love and enjoy.  Maybe reading wasn't so bad after all.  I went to college and struggled to build up my reading skills, really taking time to understand and use strategies that worked for me to understand.  It was A LOT of hard work, but I overcame my reading struggles and found that I enjoy reading "stuff" that I am interested in.  Here's a picture of what my reading life is now...I read almost every day.  If I am obsessed with a book, I secretly hide out in my room and read.  I take recommendations from my sisters, mom and grandma.  I take recommendations from teachers at school who also love to read...Mrs. Frey, Mrs. Luskey, Mrs. Laine, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Trnka, Mrs. Kluegel.  I have a problem buying books for my kids, I can't stop, and I don't know if I ever want to.  


The secret's out.  I was an awful reader, I hated reading...AND I'M A TEACHER.  Maybe you are feeling the same way, too!  But part of my little secret is the solution to how I felt about reading.  To become a better reader, you must...wait for it...READ!  Yes, READ!  Throughout the year, your reading opinion will change.  Together we are going to become obsessed with reading, because we love the books we have in our hands.  


What does your reading life look like?