The ACT is a college admissions test which measures skills in English, Reading, Math, Science Reasoning, and Writing (optional).  It is one component used by colleges to consider your application for admission.  The ACT is accepted at all colleges in the nation.  Most four-year colleges require the ACT, and scores are also used for placement at two-year colleges.

Juniors at NPHS will register for the state-administered ACT on April 3 during their U.S. Literature classes with their school counselor.

For future opportunities to take the ACT, students may register for national test dates through this website:

Each junior who takes the state-administered ACT will already have an account, and will not need to create a new account when registering for future national ACT tests.  Be sure to enter identical identifying information (complete name, same email address, etc.) so that your accounts will sync. 

Each national test date has a registration deadline and a late deadline for an extra fee.  You may select up to 3 test sites (in case your first choice is full). 

When completing the online registration, students may request scores be sent to up to four colleges for free.  Many juniors are uncertain of which colleges to select, or are concerned that they won't see their score before it gets sent.  However, it's wise to take advantage of the free score reports, since they 'll cost about $12.00 each to send in the future. Plus, colleges will not hold a lower score against a student if a higher score is eventually obtained through re-testing.  


Optional Writing Test:  How do I decide?

The Writing portion of the ACT will be given to all juniors during the state-administered ACT.  The writing component of the ACT is not required for admission to all colleges (only about 15% of colleges require it).  To look up whether or not a college requires the Writing test, click here.  It is not offered as a stand-alone test, and can only be taken alongside the entire ACT.  Since all juniors will have taken the writing portion, it is likely that you may not need to select to take it on any future national test date.  Ask your counselor for help about this decision.  

How should I prepare for the ACT?

ACT says the best preparation to do well in your core courses(English, math through Algebra II, science through Chemistry)  This is an achievement test, so it will test what you know.  Familiarizing yourself with what to expect on test day is very important.  Free ACT prep materials are available in the Counceling Office, including ACT's pamphlet "Preparing for the ACT".  This booklet contains a full-length practice test that can be self-scored, test strategies and additional helpful information.  You should go through this pamphlet before taking the ACT.  Free practice questions are also available on the ACT website.

NPHS offers two free ACT online prep courses:  Naviance and MCIS.  These excellent resources will customize an online tutorial based on your strengths and weaknesses.  Students must use their username and password to access each resource.  See your counselor if you do not remember your login information.  

For MCIS prep, use your account login and click here.  

For Naviance PrepMe, use your account login and click here.

New Prague Community Education offers prep courses, for a fee, before the April and June test dates.  (Prep courses are not required, as the classes you take in school are the primary preparation for the ACT, and multiple free prep resources are available.)

For ACT's official page on preparation, follow this link:

When will I receive my scores?

Understanding Your Scores
To understand and use your ACT results, click here.

Should I retake the ACT?
Talk this over with your counselor.  We'll help you consider your particular situation to help you make a decision you are comfortable with.  ACT also has suggestions about this question at

ACT statistics show that, of the students who retook the ACT:

  • 57% increased their Composite score by about 1 point
  • 21% had no change in their Composite score 
  • 22% decreased their Composite score


2017-2018 ACT Test Dates

Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Fee Required)
September 9, 2017August 4, 2017August 5-18, 2017
October 28, 2017September 22, 2017September 23-October 10, 2017
December 9, 2017November 3, 2017November 4-26, 2017
February 10, 2018*January 12, 2018January 13-19, 2018
April 14, 2018March 9, 2018March 10-23, 2018
June 9, 2018May 4, 2018May 5-18, 2018
July 14, 2018*June 15, 2018June 16-22, 2018