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Review the Week


This week we were involved in a writer’s workshop.  Our writer’s workshop focused on using the writing process to create a personal narrative.  Each day we “tackled” another step of the writing process.  This week we completed the steps of prewriting, drafting, proofreading, revising, editing, and started  publishing.  It was easy for us to see that good writing takes time! 

We also practiced summarizing and central message during our Daily 5 time.  We read several folktales and were able complete a story chart. 


This week we worked on number stories with multiple steps.  We also reviewed addition and subtraction of two digit numbers. 

We understand that multiplication can be solved with equal groups or arrays.  We even learned some tricks that help us with our multiplication facts. 

X 0 is always 0

X 1 is the other factor

X 2 you double the factor

X 5 you can think of the minutes on a clock. 




Social or Science:

With Mr. Larson the next two weeks we are looking at some of the first communities to ever be established... Ancient Civilizations!

Students will learn about 6 different civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egypt, Greece and Rome, China and the Aztecs! We will learn how they grew, and some unique characteristics about both!


Mark your calendars:  October 23-27

Red Ribbon Week Bully and Drug Prevention Week

Monday—Follow your Dreams—wear pjs

Tuesday—Catch the Wave of a Bully and Drug Free life—Hawaiian Day

Wednesday—United We Stand against bullying and Drugs—wear red, white and blue

Thursday—Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up—mismatch day

Friday—Say “BOO” to Bullying and Drugs