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Review the Week


We read a fantasy story, Wings, that taught us a few good lessons.  First, we should be proud of who we are.  Second, we should stand up for ourselves and others.  We compared this story to our story last week, Suki’s Kimono.  We found that the characters, theme, and central message was the same!

This week our focus strategy was cause and effect.  We searched the story to find out:

Cause—why something happened

Effect—what happened

Our grammar skill this week was learning about plural possessive nouns.

This week and next we are reading several poems and determining the meaning of the words and phrases as used in the text.  We are reviewing figurative language such as similes, metaphors and onomatopoeias .  Next week we will be learning about idioms! 



This week we focused on finding the area and perimeter of polygons.  For most polygons we can add the sides to find the perimeter and multiply to find the area.  We practiced by completing several math journal pages, home links, and by playing “The Area and Perimeter Game”.  We also learned how to decompose, or break apart a rectilinear figures, or polygons whose sides all meet at right angles to find the perimeter. 

Next week we will be taking a unit test on geometry and measurement.  Then, after break we will start Unit 5 on Fractions and Multiplication Strategies.  We are still practicing our multiplication facts to improve fact power. 


Social or Science:




Looking Ahead: 

Dress Up Days for the Holidays:

Monday, Dec. 18—Grinch Day

Tuesday, Dec. 19—Sparkle or Shiny Day

Wednesday, Dec. 20—Night Before Christmas PJ Day

Thursday, Dec. 21 Festive Sweater or Red and Green Day


Wednesday, Dec. 20—Zoomobile 9:45-10:30am


Thursday, Dec. 21—Classroom Holiday Party— All Aboard the Polar Express!