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Second Grade Information

I appreciate you taking the time to go through this information about 

happenings in Second Grade. We will be very busy with the beginning of the 

school year. I am excited to work with and get to know the children and hopefully they 

will begin to feel more comfortable with me.


This is my thirty first year of teaching in the New Prague School District. My husband

and I live in New Prague. We have two children. Our daughter is married and she is a teacher in Colorado and our son is a commercial loan analyst in Edina. In addition we have a Siberian Husky named Anya. 


I would like to mention a few things, hoping to clear up any questions you 

may have about the happenings in our classroom. If after reading these you 

have any questions, please call me.


Daily  Schedule-

The classroom schedule is on the website. Our day is set so that Readers 

Workshop is in the morning. The afternoon is left for math, specialists, 

snack, health, science, social studies, and projects. Generally, second 

graders have less focusing ability in the afternoon, so  more movement 

activities are during this time, which should make for a better learning 




The calendar is also on this website. It will include our 

specialists, birthdays, and days off. 


My Expectations-

The first week of school we will sit together as a class and wrote the rules 

necessary to create a good learning environment. We will review these rules daily 

and know the importance of working better to make our classroom a healthy 

place to learn. The kids know that if they choose to play during work time, 

they will then work during play time (recess of free play). Second graders 

are getting older and of course there are more expectations put on them this 

year. We talk often about making good choices and always working to do our 

best. We will work on learning how to be more organized and how to pace 

themselves to get work done. This will help them be more responsible 

learners. Part of this responsibility means getting their work done, checking 

to see if their work looks the way they want it to, writing their planner 

message, packing their folders with their mail and planner, showing you their 

work, asking you to sign their planner, and remembering their library books 

and a snack if needed. As this may seem like a lot for 7 and 8 year olds, 

they are very capable of doing these things and actually enjoy the 




Language Arts-

We begin a new story and skills each week. These will be listed under the reading tab of my website.


Written language is a big part of second grade. The students will be writing 

more than they did in first grade. They will be impressed with their own 

growth by the end of the year. You can expect a collection of their writing 

at the end of the school year, which will be a fun keepsake.



Our Everyday Math curriculum is a spiraling curriculum meaning once skills 

are introduced; they are touched on again and again to give the children 

extra reinforcement with these skills.


Our math workbook pages do not tear out so do not expect to see daily work 

coming home for you to view. I will be giving extra practice sheets for the 

students to do each day. The students have a math journal which they work in 



Home links are an opportunity for your child to practice skills learned in 

school with you at home. When Home links are brought home, they should be 

completed in front of you and returned to school signed the following day. I 

encourage you to keep the Family Home Link at the beginning of each unit. 

This Home link contains valuable information about what is being taught in 

the unit, new vocabulary, and even answers to the Home links in the unit.


We will be teaching the kids many new strategies to help them master their 

math facts this year. I will share these with you at conferences. Keep these 

as a valuable reference for you and your children as you practice these facts 

at home.


Book Orders-

You will be able to purchase anytime throughout the year using the class 

activation code. Go 

to Scholastic Book Club and the activation code is GPQ4G. You will also have 

the opportunity 

to order books during conferences if you choose. 


Classroom Parties-

We will have three parties this year. (Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's 

Day)I will only need volunteers for the Halloween Party. I will send a 

volunteer sheet home as the date gets closer.


Field Trip-

 A field trip will be planned later in the year.



We will be eating snack in the afternoon. The snacks sent from home should be 

a "healthy, non-chocolate" snack each day.



If your child comes home with a paper marked C/R, this means they need to 

make the corrections and return it to school the next day. If you see F/R, 

this means they need to finish the paper and return it to school the next day.




* Reminder- If you are sending birthday treats for your child's birthday,the 

treats must be bought from a store and NOT made at home.


Student of the Week-

We will be celebrating Star Students each week starting the end of September. 

An informational letter will be coming home with a poster for your child to fill 

out the week before.


I apologize with the length of this note, but it was helpful giving you a 

glimpse of our second grade classroom. Thank you so much for all your support. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. You can reach me at school, 758-6021 or email me at rmorris@isd721.org.

Thank you for your support! Let's make this a great year!



Mrs. Morris