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Weekly Update: October 16-18


Mr. Phillips' Class Weekly Newsletter:


Important Dates To Note:

October 19 and 20 - No School MEA Break

October 23 - School Board Meeting @ 6 PM (DO Board Room)

October 24 - PAC Meeting (Media Center) 

October 24 - Science and Nature Conference 

October 26 - McRooney "Bully Buster" presentation 3 PM 

October 30 - Chipdale fundraiser product delivery (3 - 6 PM) 

October 31 - Halloween & Harvest Parade and Class Party @ 2 PM  



Our Week at a Glance:

Math:  Unit 2 - Multiplication and Geometry 

Topics For the Week: 


Identifying math patterns

Unit 2 study guide and review 


Reading: Making Inferences 

When readers infer, they read between the lines or go beyond the surface details and draw inferences that are implied, but not stated in the text.  When inferring, readers pay attention to what they already know and the clues from the story to draw conclusions about a character or an event within the text.  



 Learning Target(s): 

 I can use details and examples in a text to infer about things that are not directly stated.  I can make inferences about characters and events within the stories I read.  



Language Arts:  

Grammar:  Do to short week we will be reviewing the grammar concepts we have learned so far. 




Spelling:  No Spelling due to short 3 day week.  Spelling will resume next week when we return to school. 



Science: Properties of Matter


 This week we will talk about Matter as well as physical changes, phase changes, and chemical changes. 


Essential Question(s)/Idea(s): How can matter be compared, measured, and combined?