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Weekly Update:February 5 - 7


Mr. Phillips' Class Weekly Newsletter 


Important Dates To Note:


February 13 - 27: Jump Rope For Heart 

February 19 - No School; Presidents Day 

February 20 - K information Night @ 6:30

February 21 -  The Magical World Of Reading - Dress as your favorite Disney Character

February 21 - CLIMB Theater (Gym) @ 2:10 - 2:50 

February 22 - PAC meeting @ 6 PM 

February 25 - Panorama of Bands Concert 

March 1 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 5 - 8 PM  

March 2 - "Show What You Know" (for science fair participants) 1:30 - 3:00 pm in cafeteria

March 3 - Elementary Science Fair @ NP Middle School 


Our Week at a Glance:

Math:  Unit  6 - Division and Angles  

Topics For the Week:

*Unit 6 Study Guide

*Unit 6 Review 

*Unit 6 Test and Cumulative Check in  




Reading: Integrating Information From 2 Texts 


This week we will be working on the following standard for Reading: 

**4.RI.4 = Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology. 


Unit "I can" Statements: 

*I can use context clues to infer about the meaning of different words and phrases within a text that I read. 




Language Arts:  

Grammar:  Figurative Language 

*This week we will go back and review and work with the different types of figurative language.  






Spelling:  No Words This Week 






Vocabulary: No words this week 




Science: Rocks and Minerals

This week we will continue to explore different types of rocks and how they are changed and transformed throughout the Rock Cycle. 


Essential Question(s)/Idea(s):  How does the Earth change?  How can rocks tell us about Earth's past, present, and future? 


I Can Statement(s): 

*I can recognize that rocks may be uniform or made of mixtures of different rocks.

*I can describe and classify minerals based on their physical properties.  For example: streak, luster, hardness, etc.