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Weekly Update: November 27 to December 1


Mr. Phillips' Class Weekly Newsletter:


Important Dates To Note:

November 27 - School Board Meeting @ 6 PM (district office)  

December 7 - PAC Meeting 





Our Week at a Glance:

Math:  Unit  4 - Multidigit Multiplication   

Topics For the Week: 

Extended Multiplication Facts

Making Reasonable Estimates 

Partitioning Rectangles 

Converting Liquid Measures  


Reading:  Informational Text Structure 

*Informational text is usually structured in one of the following ways: description, cause and effect, problem and solution,  and chronological.   


Unit "I can" Statements: 

*I can describe how a text is structured. 




Language Arts:  

Grammar:  Singular and Plural Pronouns

*Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns.  

*I, me, she, him, her, and it are all examples of singular pronouns. 

*We, us, they, and them are examples of plural pronouns.  




Spelling:  Final -le, al, en 

The final vowel sounds in the letter combinations above usually sound the same, but are spelled differently.  Chicken, diagonal, paddle.  




Vocabulary: Electricity and Magnetism Vocabulary 

 *We will work with the following science content vocabulary this week.  


series circuit, magnetic field, parallel circuit, electric current, magnet, electromagnet, insulator, conductor, magnetism, static electricity 






Science: Electricity and Magnetism

 This week we will be talking about concepts and ideas that surround the topics of electricity and magnetism.  


Essential Question(s)/Idea(s):  How does static electricity effect different objects.  How do circuits effect electricity in our everyday lives. 


I Can Statement(s): I can determine if an object is an insulator or conductor.  I can create a simple circuit using wires, a light bulb, and batteries.