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Class Information

Classroom Policies

Homework and Attendance Policy
Any homework assigned will be written on the board for the student to copy
into their planner.  Students are responsible for making sure that they know
what is required of them. Please see Homework Link for more information. 

If your student is absent any work will be available at the end of the day if
you wish for a sibling/neighbor to bring any work home.  If you wish to come
to school to pick it up,please contact me early in the
day and I will make sure it is there by the end of the day for pick up in the
school office.  When your student returns to school he/she will have extra
time to complete the missing work, I will talk to them and discuss a date for
completing and handing in work. I generally give a day for each day absent
plus one extra.  

For scheduled absences such as a vacation it is not always possible to prepare
the work ahead of time.  Lesson plans can change.  I will have any work that
your student misses when they return and they will have any days they miss
PLUS one additional day to complete work and hand it in to me.  Thanks for
your support in this area.  

Always notify the office for any absences for any reason whether they are an
illness or a vacation. 

Late and Missing Assignment Policy
In fourth grade there is not a lot of daily assigned homework, however if your
child is not using their time wisely it may be necessary to bring that work
home and compete it.  It is your student's responsibility to make note in
their planner for any work they need to complete.  I will stamp a late/missing
assignment in their planner.  Please initial the stamp that way I know that
you are aware of the assignment.  I will keep track of missing/late
assignments and this information will be included on your child's report card.
 Also, for missing and late assignments I will lower the grade each day it is
late, usually 3 points each day.  As your child moves into 5th grade and
beyond the policy will be even more strict and will affect their grades, so it
is best to start early learning to keep track of assignments and complete them
on time.  Thanks for holding your student accountable and supporting them in
this area!
Students that have their work completed for the week and handed in will
participate in Fun Friday activities for 45 min on Friday afternoon.  Students
not caught up on work or homework will use this time to finish their work.