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4th Grade FAQ

As a parent, do I help my child with math home links? 

Yes! The topic and content are the same as out daily math lessons.  This provieds an excellent opportunity to review and reteach the concepts beging taught in school.  If your child is having difficulty on the home link, please jot a note on it, and I'll be havppy to assist. 


Does my child have to take the challenge words on the weekly spelling list? 

No, but it can help his/her grade if tried.  I will give an extra credit point for each challenge word spelled correctly.  For example is your child has 12 out of 15 words correct, and 3 of the challenge words correct, the final score would be 15/15 correct.  If all 15 words are correct, plus the 5 challenge words, your child can end up with a score greater than 100%! It will be 20/15. 


Do I need to sign the assignment notebook each day?

Yes, please sign it indicating that your child has completed all homework, and that you have a clear understanding of that day's homework.  It also provides another tool to use to communicate if needed. 


If my child is sick should I help with the homework? 

Yes!  Most of the work that is being sent home is work that we will have done together in class.  Careful parental assistance will help your child to understand and the learn the concepts missed that day.


What homework can i expect to see for my son or daughter? 

Each night the kids will be assigned 30 min. of reading each night.  On top of reading they will also have their spelling words, as well as, a math homelink to complete each night.  They may have other homework depending on how they utilize their class work time. 


Where can I find inforamtion about important dates and what is going on in class? 


I update this website with important information about what is happening throughout the year.  It would be benificial to check the class webpage to stay up-to-date and informed.  I try to update the information for the week each thursday (giving a heads up for the coming week).  I also update with important dates and information from the office as the information is provided to me.  


How are grades determined in 4th grade?


100% = A+


99-93% = A

92-90% = A-

89-87% = B+                                                                                                                                    

86-83% = B

82-80% = B-                                                                                                                          

79-77% = C+   

76-73% = C

72-70% = C-

69-0% = N