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WEEKLY UPDATE: April 23 - 27

Dates to Note:

April 23 - 26:  Grade 3 Math MCA testing

April 15:  Raven Stream PRIDE Day (wear you Trojan gear)

April 26:  Grand Persons' Night (4:15-5:30) 

May 2 – A.C.E.S. @ 2:15 p.m.

May 3 - Author Mary Bleckwehl Visit

May 3 – PAC Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. (Media Center)  

May 4 - Garden Planting Day

May 5 – Kids’ Fun Run @ 9:30 a.m. (Memorial Park)

Other Things to Note...  


All third grade students will be completing the Math MCA testing on Monday 4/23 - Thursday 4/26.  We will spend one hour each morning completing a section or two of the test.  Please make sure that your child is getting plenty of sleep the nights before and a good breakfast each morning.



Continue reading, filling out, and turning in your yellow Reading Logs for this.                                                  



Trait of the Month:  Courage

Doing the right thing when it is difficult





Focus Standard:  

For the rest of the school year we will be reviewing our Reading strategies from this year.     


VOCABULARY:   Week 27  

1.  praise - words that express approval or admiration 

2.  admire - respecting and looking up to someone 

3.  ponder - thinking about something carefully 

4.  restrain - preventing someone from doing something





Spelling Skill:  Vowel sound in tooth and cook 

Grammar skills:  Abbreviations



*Students will be given 10 spelling words. Five of those ten will follow a pattern. The other 5 are commonly misspelled words. There is not a pretest. On Friday students will have a test that goes in the grade book.

A few things to note while helping your child practice-
*If letters are backwards it will be wrong.
*If it is uppercase when it should not be it will be marked wrong.
*If it is not capitalized and it should be, it will be wrong. 
*****Visit our classroom Spelling City page to practice spelling words. 




MATH:   Unit 7 - Fractions


Lessons Being Taught:    


**Fractions in Number Stories 

**Fractions of Collections 

**Factors of Counting


Math Home Links

Here is a great website that has ALL of the homelink in one place so you are able to print them at home. This is always helpful because sometimes they get lost between school and going home. :)




SCIENCE:  Planet Projects  

For this unit all children will research one planet and create a slide presentation in Google Docs.  This is just like a PowerPoint.  I have a cart of planet books here in my classroom for the kids to do their research.   It is also perfectly fine if they do research at home on the internet as well, but not here at school.   They will be recording information about their planet to make seven slides.   I know that some of the kids will be excited and want to finish the whole thing at night at home, but I am asking you not to let them do that.  I have time set aside here at school for this in Science and then they have nothing to do.  Instead suggest that they research another planet at home and make a Google Presentation for that one.  I am hoping that everything goes smoothly and they are done in time so the kids can show them to their grandparents on Grand Person's Night.  


Lessons Being Taught this week:  

**Continue Planet research  

**Introduce Google Presentations 

**Complete seven slides about their planet





This week we will learn the lowercase "c" and "q".




Other Things to Note... 

    **Please check my weekly updates each week for updates on what we are doing in the classroom and what you can expect your kids to be doing.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions/concerns when they arise...email works best for me, but you could also send a note or leave me a voicemail too.




Mrs. Harkins