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Here you will find the list of words to study for the week.

On Monday I will give a pre-test on a list of words that conatin a specific skill.  In the "Challenge Reading Group" I will challenge students to practice more difficult words that contain the same skill of the week by giving them an alternative list.  THE YELLOW CHALLENGE LIST IS THE LIST THEY SHOULD STUDY.

On Friday, I will choose 8 of the words from the challenge list and an additional 2-3 "mystery words" that follow the same phonetic skill.

Make sure you check the web page of your child's READING TEACHER for the correct list of words.

Week of February 12 - February 16

Skills: comparative endings  (-er, -est)

1. taller

2. stronger

3. looser

4. cleanest

5. plainest

6. thickest

7. bridge

8. ledge

9. judge

10. pledge