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Peek At Our Week!


Peek At Our Week

Here’s what you need to know for our 2nd grade news...


Another full, fun day...

*  We have our Red Ribbon Week next week.  To begin the week, we will welcome Viktor the Viking on Monday.  Therefore, your child can either wear Vikings gear or pajamas.  A small stuffed animal/blanket is welcome too.  We thought it would be fun to read by flashlight on Monday.  If you happen to have one at home that you don't mind your child bringing to school, pack that too.  
*  Remember to sign up for fall conferences.  
*  No school on Thursday and Friday
Highlights of our day...
*  We enjoyed a Climb Theater production reminding us to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
*  We took our spelling practice for our new list of words.
*  We read amazingly from our book boxes during read to self time.  
*  We took our first subtraction five-minute timing.  Aah, the stress of the clock!
*  We spent our snack break enjoying a guided drawing of the pigeon from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus.  These drawings are attached to our four types of sentences that we created yesterday!
Have a wonderful weekend!  


Good afternoon!  It was a full, great day!

A few reminders for you...
*  Please take time to register for fall conferences for your child if you haven't done so yet!  I really enjoy meeting with families during this time.  Please let me know if you'd like me to sign you up for a date and time.  Thanks!
*  Tomorrow is our last day of school for the week.  Happy MEA!  
*  We will take our spelling pretest tomorrow.
Highlights of our day...
*  We added two more types of sentences to our knowledge.  We reviewed questions and statements and added exclamations and commands.  We reviewed commands by stating some commands that we hear daily at home by our parents.  Turns out parents are a bit bossy!  :)   We enjoyed the story Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus and then pretended we were the pigeon.  Our job was to write a sentence of each type as if we were the pigeon wanting to drive the bus.
*  We continue working though our daily rotations.  IXL is also practice for us in language arts.  Today we used IXL for that purpose.
*  We met with Ms. Geddes and her class to review our reading strategies.  We also added looking carefully at the beginning, end, and middle of new words.  In addition, we added that as a reader we must check that the word we read makes sense.  To practice this, we shared a joke book with a reading partner.  This allowed us to practice a joke first, check that it makes sense in how we are going to read it, and then could share the joke with a partner.  We had a blast.
*  We used dominos to think about fact families.  We wrote two addition facts from the dots on the dominos and then wrote the two subtraction facts from the domino.  We know that the biggest number in the fact family must begin the subtraction fact.
*  We began our first chapter book read aloud of The World According to Humphrey.
Have an awesome night!  



*  Just a reminder that there is no school on Thursday and Friday of this week!
*  When we return next week, we will kick off our Red Ribbon Dress-Up Days.  Please see our classroom webpage/small note sent home last week regarding dress up days.  
Highlights from our day...
*  We discussed the difference between tattling and reporting.  (Mrs. Luskey introduced what we can do to let her know about incidents that occur at any time during our school day.)
*  We wrote two times today:  Life Books and Writer's Workshop with Ms. Geddes.
*  We met in small guided reading groups with Mrs. Luskey.  (Reminder:  use the books coming home how you wish.  Reread the pages read in small group, ask about the pages read to check for comprehension, or just scan the book for your own knowledge of what your child is reading with me.  There are no rules how to use the book!  Thanks for sending the book back to school on the next school day so we can continue on with our reading.)
*  We are continuing to focus on fact fluency.  Today we thought about doubles addition facts.  We then solved a fact quickly by thinking about one more, one less, or even two or three more.  
*  We enjoyed read to self time!  


Hello Friday!  It was truly a great week!  Thanks amazing 2nd graders!

Highlights of our day...

*  We enjoyed the activity "Pepperoni" to practice forming questions.  The idea of the activity is to ask a brave volunteer a question.  The answer every time to the question is pepperoni.  The trick of the activity is to answer every question without smiling.  Enjoy this activity around your dinner table some night!

*  We DIDN'T take a spelling pretest.  Breaks from routine, especially spelling, feel great!  We will pretest next week and will wrap up that list the following week.  This is due to MEA next week.  (School is only M-W.)

*  We read for our stamina time of almost 35 minutes.  Wow!   Amazing!
*  We used Pebble Go to practice main idea and details.  We chose a short book on outer space and completed a graphic organizer on our own to focus on details that pertain to the topic.

*  We enjoyed a school-wide closing meeting at the end of the day to promote the continued collection of pop tabs.  Thanks for your support in this school-wide project!  


Have a wonderful weekend!  



Hi!  What a great day!  

Here are some highlights...
*  We reviewed main idea and details.  
*  Our reading stamina is up to 25 minutes of reading from our book boxes.  
*  We completed our spelling words final practice with a partner.  (Remember to check in with me if ever your child's list doesn't feel quite right.  My view on spelling is more so for vocabulary building and learning spelling patterns within words.  The goal is never to make the list too challenging, but to find a balance of some review words and some new.)
*  We practiced logging onto Raz Kids.  This is a great resource for your child to have a book read aloud to him/her, read the book again on own, and finally check in for comprehension by answering questions about the book.  This site is tailored to each child for his/her reading.  Therefore, it's a good site that your child is welcome to use any time that you see fit at home.  Passwords for RazKids are taped on the back cover of your child's planner.
*  We reviewed +9 addition facts.  We really tried to think quickly today by choosing the best strategies for our brains.  One strategy is to use touch dots.  Another is to look at the other number in the problem and think of the number that is one less and then add a 1 in front of that number to make it a "teenager".  The other strategy is to think that the nine is a ten and then subtract one.  What strategy does your child prefer to use?
*  We were so lucky to have Mr. Wagner join our class this afternoon to discuss fire safety with us.  
Enjoy your night!   


Please use this link https://sites.google.com/isd721.org/falconridge/falcon-ridge-elementary as a way to stay connected to our Falcon Ridge news/Mr. Giesen notes.  Thanks!
Highlights of our day...
*  We read a nonfiction passage about food in space.  We then took the facts from that passage to determine the main idea of the passage and details from it.  Can your child remember some of the fun facts about food in space?
*  We continued our learning about questions and statements by interviewing a partner.  Our partner then had to answer a question with a statement.  Some partners were able to add their interview onto Seesaw.  We will finish up the remaining partner groups tomorrow.
*  We added more ideas to our list on reading strategies to use when we are stuck on a word. 
*  We reviewed how to use an addition table to find the answers to addition problems.  We know the answer to an addition problem is also called the sum.
*  We were able to play "Doubles or Nothing" as our new math game.  Thanks to Mrs. Cloutier for helping out today!

Have a super night!  


*  Tomorrow's lunch is:  
Popcorn Chicken
Corn on the cob
Cinnamon rolls
*  Your child may be coming home with his/her reading folder.  I know nights are so busy and go so fast!  The folder is not meant to add any stress to your night.  Rather, I love to keep you informed!  So, you can have your child reread the pages that we read during small guided reading group.  Or you can just ask your child about what he/she read on the pages/check for comprehension.  Or you can simply just take a quick peek at the book for your knowledge.  Please use the folder/book however you see fit for your child or however it fits into your night.  Thanks for helping your child return the folder the next day as we will continue our reading.  (I wasn't able to meet with two small groups this morning.  If your child doesn't have his/her folder tonight, please know that I'll be meeting with those groups right away tomorrow morning.
Highlights of our day...
*  We created a list of question words and then created three questions of our own.  Tomorrow we are going to interview a partner.  The partner will then give a statement in regards to the question.  We can identify statements and questions.
*  We met in small guided reading groups.
*  We made a list of reading strategies that we use when we come upon a new word in our reading.
*  We enjoyed the beginning part of the story The Book Eating Boy.
*  We used a number grid to count numbers in between two given numbers.  Ex. How many spaces on the number grid from 23 to 31?  
*   We enjoyed the story The Grouchy Ladybug during our snack break.
*  We continued to think about fire safety and read Firefighters' Jobs from our Scholastic News.   
Enjoy your night!  



A few notes for you...
*  Our Kid's Choice menu for Wednesday, October 11th is:  
Popcorn Chicken
Corn on the cob
Cinnamon rolls
*  Your child is coming home today with a "Pull For The House" bracelet from the Ronald McDonald House.  Today, we watched a short clip to remind ourselves to collect pop tabs if we can.  Keep on collecting and send pop tabs to school with your child.  Thanks!  
*  We had a fire drill today with the NP Fire Department here.  This is routine practice to kick-off our fire safety week.  Mr.  Wagner will be joining our class on Thursday to discuss fire safety.  This may be a good week to discuss your fire plan at home with your child.  
Highlights of our day...
*  We read for 25 minutes straight during read to self.  Our best yet!  Mrs. Luskey was able to confer with individual readers during this time.  So fun!
*  We learned about subjects and predicates of sentences.  We know that a complete sentence needs both parts.  We wrote three subjects on a piece of paper and then switched our paper with a partner.  Our partner then completed the subject by adding a predicate to it.  
*  We continued writing in our Writer's Workshop notebooks.
*  We met with Mrs. Luskey in small guided reading groups to take a picture walk through our new books within our reading folders.  Watch for your child's reading folder to make its way home tomorrow.
*  We practiced our fact fluency with touch dots for solving.  We also worked on larger number grids (numbers in the 300s) and enjoyed our flash cards with the game of Chutes and Ladders.


Good afternoon!  

Some notes for you...
*  Please see the following message from the High School:  Students and staff at New Prague High School are PROUD to be participating in Stomp Out Bullying Day again this year. We had a great turnout last year and hope to have an even greater one this year. We will be wearing BLUE on Monday October 9th. Please encourage your students to wear blue and take a stand against bullying. We hope to include all staff and all the buildings this year. Staff is also encouraged to participate. Please help us raise awareness and put an end to bullying and cyberbullying. Wear BLUE next Monday
*  From Mr. Giesen:  A nice feature on our new aquatic center was aired on channel 45 the other night, featuring some great footage from the facility, along with comments from our very own FR teacher, Tracy Torgerson. The link to view the show is http://prepspotlight.tv/MSHSL/SpotlightShow and the feature on the pool can be found around the 21 minute mark. 
*  This is a reminder and invitation to you that this Sunday, we will be hosting an Open House for the newly renovated Middle School, CEC, and Aquatics Center. 
If you have been unable to get into any of these buildings this fall, this would be a great opportunity for you and your family.  
At 1:00 p.m., there will be a short ceremony in the District Office Parking Lot (Door 1 Plaza).  Here you will hear Supt. Dittberner address and welcome everyone.  Mayor Chuck Nickolay will also address the crowd and talk about the collaboration between the City of NP and the School District.  
After the ceremony, the doors will be open to all three venues where you are free to roam the buildings.  Staff will be in certain locations to answer questions and show you around.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.  
*  Please see the note coming home today with your child regarding "Pennies for Polio".  
Highlights of our day...
*  We met with our Kindergarten Buddy Classroom to help them make their personal Homecoming hats.
*  We were able to make our own Homecoming hats to wear around school and the parade.  Unfortunately, the hats got completely soaked during the parade.  I'm not sure if your child brought his/hers home.  It may be in the recycling bin instead!  
*  We are working on new words that focus on consonant blends.  (st, str, etc.)
*  We focused on main idea and details within a text/passage.
*  We enjoyed the parade.  Whoa, we got soaked!  
*  We were introduced to the math program Prodigy.  This is such a fun program that does help us learn math concepts.  We will play Prodigy during math workshop on Fridays, but your child is invited to enjoy it at any time at home.  His/her password is taped to the back cover of his/her planner. 
*  We estimated the amount of candy that we got.  We also got to enjoy SOME of it!  You child is coming home with a piece or two.  (Maybe!)
Enjoy your weekend!  I sure enjoy your child!  


Good afternoon!  We are back on track...having an awesome day!  

A few notes for you...
*  I will be volunteering at the 4th grade Kindness Retreat tomorrow here at FR.  The guest teacher for our class with again be Kathy Doyle.  Thanks for understanding!
*  On Sunday, October 8, from 1 p.m to 4 p.m., New Prague Area Schools will be hosting an Open House for their newly renovated Central Education Campus and Middle School. The brand new Aquatics Center will also be part of the Open House. District 721 is very proud of its completed projects and would like to invite any and all community and school members who would like to attend. At 1 p.m., there will be a short program taking place outside the front entrance of the District Office doors of the Central Education Campus. Come and listen to the distinguished guests as they speak on the completion of the renovations and the collaborative working relationship between the City of New Prague and New Prague Area Schools. The Middle School Band will provide music for this great event. After the program, all buildings will be open to tour. Staff from each building and department will be on hand to answer questions and show you around. Refreshments will be provided at each building. If you have anyquestions, please contact Tony Buthe at 952-758-1767.
*  See the following from Mr. Giesen regarding Homecoming:  
  • A few reminders to share in regards to homecoming: students attending the game should bring their student ID which will get them in for free, and should sit with their parents during the game. In regards to the school day on Friday, please continue to remind students that they should not wear face/hair paint to school. Lastly, the forecast looks to be cool and wet-it would be a good idea to remind kids to dress for the weather. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the parade will be cancelled. 
Highlights of our day...
*  We WORKED hard!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Back on track!
*  We practiced our fluency by reading for 1 minute with Mrs. Luskey.
*  We are building our "read to self" time and are up to 20 minutes of real reading.  
*  We enjoyed our poetry folders to read poems, but also to practice reading aloud with a partner.  
*  We began writing number stories in math.
*  We used the board game of Chutes and Ladders to practice our flash cards on addition.
*  We practiced our spelling words by playing the game "Sparkle".  This might be a fun game to play around the dinner table.  Ask your child to teach you!
*  We signed our classroom expectations/class pledge and have been working by these expectations all day long.  
Enjoy your night!  


Hi!  We had a bit of a chatty/busy day!  

A few items to note:
*  Picture retakes are tomorrow (10-4).  Please send your child's picture packet back to school if you are wishing for him/her to have retakes.  Retakes will take place promptly at 9:15.  A volunteer will come to our classroom to take any student needing retakes.  Thanks!
*   This was passed on to our FR staff from Mr. Giesen.  Use if you see fit.  
*  Please see the following note from our phy.ed. teacher, Dan Wagner:  "I want to let you know about an open house we will be hosting at the New Prague Fire Station on Sunday October 8th from 10 to 1.  I understand it is the same day as the district open house...which is why we scheduled it in the morning/early afternoon this year.  There will be fun and games for the kids, station tours, handouts, information, and more!"
Highlights of our day..
*  Building our read to self time to almost 20 minutes.  Mrs. Luskey was able to confer with individual readers during this time.  So fun!
*  We met with Ms. Geddes and her class for Writer's Workshop.  Our focus lesson was on adding transition words to our writing.
*  We wrapped up Unit 1 in math and look forward to beginning Unit 2 tomorrow.
*  We had our first problem-solving meeting as to how we can learn from today and make tomorrow stronger.  Perhaps you'd like to check in with your child on how things went for him/her in learning today.  Thanks!
Enjoy your night!  


Wow!  I can't believe that it's October already!  We've been busy!

A few reminders...
*  Homecoming buttons and poms are on sale before school in the front of the office.  If you'd like your child to purchase either, buttons are $0.50 and poms are $1.00.
*  We are continuing to collect pop tabs here this year!  Special thanks to Nick and Carter from our class who helped me empty the Ronald McDonald House before school began.  We will store the pop tabs here all year and take them to the RMH at the end of the school year.  
*  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Twins Day!  Wear your Twins' gear if you have any!  We don't do any other Homecoming dress up days like you may find at the Middle School or High School.  On Friday, we will show our Trojan Pride by dressing in red and black.  
Highlights of our day...
*  We completed our first four "Daily" rotations successfully!  Wow!  What an accomplishment.  Your child was able to work on writing, practice spelling words, listen to reading, and work in a small reading group with Mrs. Luskey.  
*  We know that to grow our reading beanstalk, we need to stop and think about what the words on the page are telling us.  Reading is thinking!  When we finish reading a page, we stop and think about who were the characters and what were they doing.  "Who?  Doing what?"  This is a quick check-in for our comprehension.  Try it during a time when you are reading with your child.
*  We practiced touch dots for numbers.  Our goal is to use touch dots when solving an addition or subtraction fact rather than using our fingers for counting.  Touch dots are more efficient and create less error when using them.  
Inline image 1
*  We will begin Star Student next week.  Our first "mystery student" envelope was revealed today!  This person has the week to prepare for star student time next week!  
Have a great evening!  


Hello!  TGIF..

Some updates/calendar events for you...
Tuesday, October 3rd:  Students are invited to wear Twins gear for the big "playoff" game!
Wednesday, October 4th:  Picture retakes!  
Friday, October 6th:  We will be enjoying the Homecoming parade which begins at 1:00.  We will have an earlier lunch and recess on Friday.  (11:40-12:15)  We will then head out to the front of our school to enjoy the parade together as a class.  Students are invited to wear red and black for the event.  Mr. Giesen is asking for face paint/hair paint to wait until after school for the game.  Thanks for your help!
Wanted Classroom Items:
Do you have any games/puzzles that you are no longer using at home?  We'd love to have them for our classroom.  Each morning our brains get warmed up by enjoying "brain teasers".  Any games/activities that are strategy based or are good for building/creating would be wonderful for adding to our collection.  Thanks for considering!  
Highlights of our day:
*  We are getting more families signed up for Seesaw.  (Mrs. Luskey's teacher goal)
*  We took our spelling practice for our new list of words.  We are now focusing on words with long vowel sounds.  We now have a personal word and nine other words to practice.  (Just a reminder that our classroom webpage houses the spelling words for the week, as well as each email gets added to the page for a monthly update.)  http://www.npaschools.org/users/lluskey
*  We completed our first "Weekly Challenge".  This review page is one that will be completed each Friday by your child.  The page focuses on spelling words, sentence structure, proper end marks, grammar, and math skills of the week.  Please watch for this page to come home each week to check in on how your child is doing with the new information presented at school.  These pages are a good indicator as to what your child understood and what your child could use some additional practice on at school and at home.  Weekly Challenges are also scored.  You will notice a Language score and a Math score by each section.  As always, contact me with any questions you may have.  Thanks!
*  We spent a few minutes looking deeper into the Tumblebooks site.  This a great resource for enjoying books that are read aloud to us.  To use the site at home, the username is npfr and the password is books.  
*  We added more flashcards to our collection.  These flashcards focus on the numbers that together are compliments of ten.  We enjoyed the card game "Fishing for 10".  Can your child teach you how to play by using a deck of cards?  
*  We read the story Strega Nona and discussed logical consequences.  
I hope your weekend is wonderful!  Enjoy!    



Another busy day!  Here we go...
*  We enjoyed the story Each Kindness.  "Kindness is like dropping a small rock into the water.  Each little thing we do goes out, like a ripple, into the world.  Even small things count.  Each kindness makes the whole world a little bit better."
*  We compared numbers using greater than, less than, or equal to.  We also added doubles plus one cards to our flash cards.  Ask your child to explain the quick way of thinking to solve a doubles plus one fact.  
*  We took our second spelling test with a buddy.  (Thursdays are the day for the final test on the list.  I hope this schedule is working out for your child.  Friday-Thursday)
*  We discussed what self-control looks like, feels like, and sounds like.  
*  We know that to grow our reading beanstalk, we are trying to group more words together in our reading.  This will help us to practice reading more fluently, rather than one word at a time.
*  We are loving the activity of 10.  Ask your child to teach you!  
A few reminders...
We will be using SeeSaw more and more throughout the year.  My personal teaching goal is to add more items onto SeeSaw for you to view.  Please let me know if you need your child's SeeSaw information to get going with this site.  Thanks!  
October classroom calendars are in the works.  Thanks for being patient as I'm not sure I'll have them ready to go home with your child tomorrow.  
We had such a fun day together!  I hope your child thinks so too!  Enjoy your night!  


Good afternoon!  

Highlights of our day...
*  We enjoyed the story Chrysanthemum.  We discussed characters and settings of stories that we are reading or have read.  
*  We built sentences during our "Word Work" time.  We know that sentences need a capital letter to begin, words that are in order to make sense, and punctuation at the end.  We also established what expectations we need during our "word work" time to be successful.  
*  We began reading from our fluency folders.  We discussed that fluency in reading is reading accurately, with expression, and guides us to understand what we are reading.  For our first practice, we actually raced against a one minute clock.  Tomorrow, we will then go back and read, reread, and reread again the same passage.  This shows us that practice reading something more than once also helps our comprehension and fluency.  After all of our practice times, we will race the clock one more time to see if our words per minute jumped.  
*  We reviewed our doubles addition facts.  Your child will be coming home with addition flash cards today of the doubles facts.  Practice if you wish!  Thanks for returning them to school each day for more cards to be added!  
*  We enjoyed writing time in our Life Books.  We established our expectations for "Working on Writing" time.  
*  We enjoyed Reader's Workshop with Ms. Geddes and her class.  During this time, we discussed that growing our reading brains requires us to read more and more.  We also began setting a reading goal for each time we read in school.  Our goal must be reasonable and attainable for our read to self time.  Ask your child if he/she met his reading goal today during read to self.  
Fabulous group, fabulous day!  Enjoy your night!  


Well....it feels good to be back!  Thank you to each and every student in our classroom for being so respectful and responsible for our guest teacher, Mrs. Doyle.  She had nothing but nice things to say about our group!  All things that I know of course!  This group is wonderful!  
A few notes from Mrs. Doyle...
She didn't get each student a personal word for his/her spelling list this week.  We will begin that part of our spelling list on Friday for our next list!  Thanks for understanding!
Mrs. Kienow will be joining our class once every two weeks for lessons on using our brains in different ways.  Your child's papers came home today from some of the learning activities that she guided our class through last Thursday.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding her time with us.  
Highlights of our day...
*  We enjoyed the story Stellaluna and discussed what empathy means.  
*  We learned more information about the U.S. Constitution.
*  We wrote in our Writer's Workshop notebook on personal narratives.
*  We used calculators to repeat a pattern in counting.  (The equal key was used as a repeat key.)
*  We practiced a lock down drill.  (Not really a highlight of the day, but a necessity for our day.)
*  We shared our acts of kindness with Mrs. Luskey.  (So awesome!) We began using our "Shout Out" cards within our classroom.
Glad to be back, but can't wait to put my foot up tonight!  
Enjoy your night!  



Good afternoon!  Our classroom smells delicious!  We are so excited to do some sampling!

Please remember that I will be out beginning tomorrow until next Tuesday.  Please let the office know of any schedule changes for your child during this time.  Thanks!  
Highlights of our day...
*  We observed and examined our apples before doing any cutting.  We then cut the apples into little pieces to begin the process of making applesauce.  We added the apples to the crock pots to begin cooking.  We also had science work to do with this as we used the scientific method to guide us throughout the day as we watched the apples change.
*  We enjoyed the tall tale story of Johnny Appleseed.
*  We beat our reading stamina time!  We are able to read for over 10 minutes with no interruptions.
*  We met with Ms. Geddes and her class in their classroom today for our first Writer's Workshop time.
*  We explored calculators today in math to find different ways to reach a target number.
*  We will enjoy our homemade applesauce soon!  
Have a fantastic night!  We'll chat next week!  




Quick check in on our day!  It was a great day!

Highlights of our day...
*  We enjoyed the stories of Miss Nelson is Back and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day.  Ask you child about the surprise ending of the second book.
*  We listed what responsibility means to us as learners. We also kept tallies of all of the times we were working together in our classroom responsibly.
*  We met with reading buddies to enjoy the first two poems in our poetry folder.
*  We worked with Ms. Geddes and her class during our Reader's Workshop time to think about how chapter books want to be read.  We looked at the chapter names to determine how each chapter might like to be read.  These little steps in our reading helps us to grow our reading beanstalks!  
*  We worked through three rotations in math workshop.  Our focus today was a variety of skills like telling time, counting coins, and addition facts.  (Look for your child's math box pages coming home today.)
Have a fantastic night!  I'm excited for our science day tomorrow with apples!  



Well, today was our first indoor recess!  It's always tricky because we need the moving break that outdoor recess provides!  I hope your child has a chance to move his/her body tonight!  
A few notes for you...
There was a 2nd grade teacher error on the September calendar!  Homecoming is incorrectly marked on the calendar.  Sorry!  Please note that the actual date for Homecoming is October 6th.  
Last call for our $5 party money.  If you are able to contribute and haven't done so, this money provides the fun at our holiday parties.  Thanks!   
APEX Fun Run was a success!  All outside payments should be handed in by Wednesday, September 20th.  An envelope was provided on Friday for payments!  Thanks again for your support!
Highlights of our day...
*  We established our classroom rules.  (Be nice to everyone and everything...the Golden Rule.  Do your best!/No excuses!  Be positive!  Be proud of yourself, your family, your class, and your school.)
*  We enjoyed the stories Miss Nelson is Missing and A Quiet Place.
*  We wrote in our Life Books.
*  We met for the first time with Ms. Geddes and her class for Reader's Workshop.  Our lesson's focus was on not only choosing what we read as 2nd graders, but choosing how a book wants to be read.  Ask your child what book he/she read during stamina today and what was decided for how that book wanted to be read. 
*  We continued to work on analog clocks and number grids for math.
What a gloomy day!  It's a perfect night for your child to read to you, or for you read to your child.  Happy Reading!  


Good afternoon!  We had a great first 5-day week!  Like I've said before, I adore your children!  We've had an impressive week of building routines and rituals.  We've also gotten to know one another even better and have managed to squeeze in some learning along the way too!

Grab your calendars:
*  Wednesday, October 4th is picture retake day.  If you'd like to have your child's picture retaken, please send back the original picture packet on that day.  
*  Our first spelling list is underway.  Spelling does look different in 2nd grade.  Please contact me at any time that you have questions or concerns.  If at any time you feel like your child's list isn't a good match for him/her, please let me know.  We can always adjust accordingly.  Our spelling "test" will be on Thursday, September 21st.  New lists will come home on Fridays!  (Our classroom webpage will house the spelling words each week too should your child's list get lost or not make its way home.) http://www.npaschools.org/spelling-list-7
*  I will be out for surgery from the 21st-25th.  Kathy Doyle will be here for me on those days.  I will try to check email a bit, but please contact the office regarding pick-ups or changes in your child's schedule.  Thanks for understanding!
Here's a peek at our day...
*  We took our first spelling practice.  We successfully created our own personal spelling lists.  We are working on reading and writing words with short vowels.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh11mx9tF9o
*  We practiced reading with a partner.  
*  We enjoyed a greeting for morning meeting in the Czech language.
*  We completed all three rotations for math workshop.  We embedded IXL into our rotations today.  Use your child's back page in his/her planner to find the login/password information for IXL.  Your child may work on IXL at home at any time you see fit. We have IXL for math and language practice. Thanks!  
*  We danced like crazy at the POLKA FEST!  Thanks to those family members that could make it!  So much fun!  
Have a great weekend!  


Good afternoon!

What an amazing day!  The Fun Run is just that...so much fun!  We had an absolute blast during our time with the Apex Team.  Needless to say, we were very worn out when we finished.  We cooled down with water and a freezie.  Please see the note coming home with your child today regarding the fundraising part of all of this!  I hope your child enjoyed it as much as my own daughters did!  Feedback to Mr. Giesen on this fundraiser is appreciated!
Fall pictures are coming home today.  Stay tuned for retake day if needed.  
We will begin spelling for our 2nd grade year tomorrow.  Spelling looks different than it did in 1st grade.  We do take a pretest, we do create lists that are tailored for our own learning, and we will take a final test.  We will pretest on Fridays of the week and take our final test the following Thursday.  This will allow a little more practice time at school and home!  I know weeknights fly by!  Please let me know if you have any questions when you see your child's list come home tomorrow.  Thanks!
Highlights of our day...
*  We ran like crazy for the Fun Run.
*  We enjoyed the story Ruby's Wish.
*  We practiced in our handwriting books.
*  We set up our expectations for "Rockin' Partner Reading".
*  We continued to practice time telling on an analog clock.
*  We taught Mr. Bachmeier's and Mrs. Clark's 2nd graders how to polka.
*  We enjoyed time together!
Our polkafest is scheduled for 3:00 tomorrow in the main gym.  Join us if you can!  Have a wonderful night!  


To prepare for tomorrow's Fun Run, please see the following note from our Apex leader:  We want the Fun Run to be an awesome community event that supports Falcon Ridge, and supports the students! Tell students to bring grandma and grandpa, cousins, neighbors, all are welcome! We've even had parents in the past make signs cheering on their son or daughter. It's a ton of fun. Just have them check-in at the front office. Our Fun Run will be at the Trojan Stadium at 9:45.  
If you'd like to send sunscreen/apply it before school, that would be great.  Students will get their t-shirts tomorrow before the run.  They are "sleeping" in our classroom tonight.  The weather looks a little warm.  No worries!  We will have water stations set up around the stadium, but students can bring their water bottles if that is their preference.  
Highlights of our day...
*  We built our reading stamina to eight minutes!  Success!  (That was no walking or talking...only reading!)
*  We completed our personal hopes and dreams for school.  Ask your child what he/she decided on for the h and d.  
*   We began brainstorming our classroom rules by focusing on our school rules of respect, effort, attitude, and pride.  
*  We enjoyed the stories Officer Buckle and Gloria and A Day's Work.  
*  We created a list of ideas that readers do every time they are reading.  (Read just right books, reread books, use reading strategies to solve unknown words, take care of books, connect to stories, make pictures in our minds, think about what we are reading, and reread from the time before)
*  We logged into Chromebooks to try IXL math for just a bit!
What a great day!  It was another hot one, but we didn't let that stop our learning!  


Good afternoon!  It was a hot day here at Falcon Ridge.  We can't seem to get the temperature right so dressing your child in clothing appropriate for the outdoor weather may be helpful.  It was a toasty one inside our classroom.  

A few notes to pass along to you...
Tomorrow for hot lunch is kid's choice.  Here is the menu that was chosen by FR students.  
Italian Dunkers
Mashed potatoes
Slushie cup
Our Fun Run for Apex is scheduled from 9:45-10:45 on Thursday.  We are able to still take pledges for our run up to Friday.  Please see the note from our Apex leader Nik Nak:  "Just a reminder of the Pie in the Face challenge (any student that jumps $3/lap tonight gets to pie an Apex member in the face), and let them know to Do Your Best!"  Also, anything helpful that you'd like to send along to school for the Fun Run is welcome.  Ex., sunscreen, extra water, hats, visors
Highlights from our day today...
*  We completed our Fall Assessments by taking our reading computer check-in.
*  We learned how to polka!
*  We build our reading stamina by reading our "just right" books from our book boxes.
*  We enjoyed the story Enemy Pie.
*  We role played using our classroom "Peace Poster".  (I feel...., I want..., I'll try...)  This tool helps for students to peacefully solve problems on their own.  Ask your child about how it works!  
Have a cool night!  


A few calendar items for you for this week:
Tuesday, September 12th, is our "Computer Check-in" for Reading.  We will be in the computer lab from 10:15-11:00 to complete this assessment.  A good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast really benefit us for mornings like these!
Thursday, September 14th, is our Apex Fun Run.  Please register your child for a free t-shirt that can will be given out at school on Thursday morning for our run at 9:45-10:45.
Friday, September 15th, 2nd grade will be enjoying our Polka Fest in the main gym.  This is a time when my uncle and great uncle come to share their musical talents with us and play some polkas for us to listen and dance to.  We are excited!  (Mrs. Luskey will be giving a crash course this week to teach 2nd graders how to polka!)
Highlights of our day...
*  We established our morning meeting expectations.
*  We enjoyed the story Hooway for Wodney Wat.  This story helped us to understand assertion.  I challenged your child to show assertion in at least one way today.  Ask your child what he/she did to practice this today!
*  We met with our Apex friend, Squishy.  Today's lesson was on empathizing.  To empathize for others we must stop, take a breath, and try to understand.  We must put ourselves in others' shoes.  
*  We worked with bills of different values.  ($1, $10, $100)
*  We continued working on our own hopes and dreams for 2nd grade.
*  We enjoyed our extra recess that we earned through Apex with Squishy.


Hello!  What a great week!  We are really getting into the routine of things.  I adore your kids!  

A few reminders:
If you have turned in your $5.00 party money, thanks so much!  If you are able to contribute to our holiday party fund and haven't yet done so, feel free to send cash or check to school with your child.  This money helps to cover snacks and activities for our Harvest Party, Winter Party, and Valentine Party.  Thanks so much!
We will taking our second FAST Assessment/"Computer Check-in" on September 12th for Reading.  
We have practiced a fire drill, bus evacuation, and a code red already.  That's a lot of drills if I say so myself.  The class rocked them all!
Terrible timing of things, however I will be having foot surgery on September 21st.  I will need to leave a bit early on Monday, September 14th for an appointment.  I will be out after my surgery on the 21st, 22nd, and 25th.  Again, I'm so sorry for the terrible timing within our school year.  Mrs. Doyle will be my guest teacher for the time that I will be out.  I will also have another post-op appointment on October 10th, where I will be out for the afternoon.  Thank you so much for understanding.  I do get to come back to school in a lovely boot.  Although I'm not really sure it will fit my fashion style! 
Highlights of our day...
*  We used t-shirts to show books that are just right, too hard, and too easy.  Ask your child about our activity. 
*  We met with a partner to practice the 5-finger rule for reading.  While reading one page from a book, if 0-1 words are unknown, the book may be too easy.  If 2-3 words are unknown, the book is actually just right.  If 4-5 words on a page are unknown, the book may be too hard.  We use our fingers to keep track.  
*  We met with our Apex friend and discussed being teachable.  Step 1:  Realize there is something to learn.  Step 2:  Open your eyes to it.  Step 3:  Be wise.  We also earned an extra recess with "Squishy" on Monday at 3:00 for raising money for our classroom.  Thanks for donating to this fundraiser!
*  We completed our three rotations of math workshop.  We focused on odd/even numbers, using an analog clock, and solving addition number models.  Thanks to Mrs. Cloutier for joining us today!
*  We enjoyed Applemando's Dreams to begin thinking about our own hopes and dreams for the school year.  


Hello!  Another great day!  This group has my heart already!

Highlights of our day...
*  We built our reading stamina by enjoying some books from our book boxes.  We made it to 2 min. and 45 sec. before walking/talking began.  I know each day we will grow stronger at this.  Our "read to self" reminders are to pick and stick to one spot, take our book boxes with us, find a double bubble space, have a book with words (Not an I Spy or Where is Waldo? book), and read from the beginning of our time to the end of our time.  
*  We were introduced to new brain teaser activities that we get to enjoy right at the beginning of our days together.  
*  We continued to work with analog clocks.
*  We met with our Apex friends.  The focus today was I for INSPIRE.  (Be charged up.  Be positive.  Be inspired by ourselves too.)  
*  We discussed our take-a-break spots within the classroom.  The good news is that take-a-breaks do not mean that we are in trouble.  They allow us to think about things and come back ready to work!  I really encourage all students to put themselves into a take-a-break once sometime soon.  Encourage your child to try it out!  It allows for a fresh start at something!  
*  We enjoyed the stories We Are in a Book! and Up North at The Cabin.


Our Falcon Ridge free family picnic is scheduled for tonight from 5:30-7:00.  I will be working the early shift of handing out food, but I hope to see you there.  It's always a fun event and allows us the opportunity to be a Falcon Ridge family!  
Highlights of our day...
*  We added a picture of our "just right" books from our book box into our SeeSaw folders.  Check it out!  Thanks to Mrs. Luskey's mom (Mrs. Sticha) for coming in to help us do that.  My mom will be volunteering each Wednesday in our classroom.  So if you hear her name, you'll know who your child is talking about!
*  We took our Math FAST test from 10:15-11:00.  
*  We enjoyed a moving break outside after testing.  We spent about 15 minutes on the playground.
*  We shared our Me Bags.
*  Our Apex message today was about no excuses.  Why do people make excuses?  1.  Things are too challenging.  2.  It's not fun what we are asked to do.  3.  We have the wrong behavior about it.  Trying our best and to keep trying were the important messages from our Apex friends today!
*  We did our first day of three rotations for math workshop.  We started a number scroll on our own at our desks.  We met in small group with Mrs. Luskey to practice time telling on an analog clock.  We enjoyed our math game binders with a partner to play a math game.  Congrats!  This is an amazing accomplishment for it only being our fifth day of school.
*  We enjoyed the story Swimmy.  Ask your child what cooperation means.  



A few notes for you...


*  Apex Fun Run is a fundraiser where neighbors, family members, and friends can pledge money towards individual laps run by our 2nd graders to raise funds for Falcon Ridge Elementary.  Not only does the event promote physical fitness but also leadership and pride in ourselves, school, and community.  This new fundraiser replaces our previous fundraiser, Chip Shoppe. 

All students received a lanyard with their login information for the run.  Your second grader should log in to their account to begin fundraising.  From the parent side, you can share information about the fundraiser through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Of course there are incentives for fundraising landmarks, which means motivation for the students.  Know that you are not required to do fundraising, but your child will still be able to participate in the event, get a t-shirt (indicate size on the Apex site when you login), and be a part of the events leading up to our run!
*  Tomorrow (9-6) our class will be taking the FAST Assessment on math.  This will take place from 10:15-11:00.  Mrs. Luskey never calls it the "FAST Assessment" as then it indicates that the only way to take this is fast!  Wink!  I call it our computer check-in.  This is just a baseline data point and only one collection of data.  We use it as a guide, but know your child better with the classroom performance.  Thanks for helping your child to get a good night sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast!
*  Morning snacks/working snacks are working wonderfully!  Continue to send two snacks for you child if he/she needs that extra one!
*  Look for the reminder coming home today with your child regarding the Falcon Ridge Family Picnic tomorrow night from 5:30-7:00 right at our school.  I look forward to seeing you there!  
Highlights of our day...
*  We began our first writing in our LifeBooks about our families.
*  We discussed why it is that we pick the books we do.  "I Pick"  I = I pick out a book.  P = Purpose:  Why do I want to read this book?  I = Interest:  Is it interesting?  C = Comprehend:  Do I understand it?  K = Know:  Do I know most of the words?
*  We built our reading stamina with our books from our book boxes.
*  We met with the APEX team to discuss uniqueness.  "It would be a shame if we were all the same."
*  We reviewed the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  (Any coin practice provided at home would be appreciated!  It was a great challenge for us today!)
*  We viewed Mrs. Luskey's "Me Bag" and asked questions about what our personal "Me Bags" can contain for our turn this week.  
*  We enjoyed Three Cheers for Tacky.  

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