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Peek @ the Week


Pennies for Patients - The totals are in......we tied with Mrs. Bombardo's class with $167.12.  Way to go!!  We didn't get the pizza party but we did celebrate with ice cream sundaes.

Rollerskating - Our last day to rollerskate will be on Monday, January 22nd.  A huge thank you to those who were able to help tie skates!  I have  a few pictures on my webpage and will be posting a few more after Monday's class.  You'll notice many more standing this time!!

River Bend Nature Center Field Trip - On Wed. January 24th, the first graders will be heading to River Bend Nature Center for a great outdoor learning experience. We'll go on a educational nature walk through the woods, learn about animals in winter, snowshoe, and kicksled. Each class will have a few slots for chaperones on the bus, but parents are welcome to meet us at the nature center.  REMEMBER TO SEND A COLD LUNCH!

Snow Day/Blended Learning Activities - Please click on the tab to view first grade blended learning activities.

Winter Gear: Winter weather is here!  Please support your child in bringing winter clothing to school each day.  The recess rules state that if a child wants to play on the playground and woodchip area, they will need boots and snow pants.  If they do not have boots they will need to stay on the blacktop area. Recess is about 15-20 minutes and it helps when they are warm enough during that time.  A yellow paper came home on Tuesday with all the details.

Addition Time Tests - Addition time tests will be given 1-2 times a week. Your can help your child with his/her math fluency by practicing addition facts at home. There are great apps or even "old school" flash cards that work great for practice. 

Reading:     We will be focusing on the -ed ending this week.  Our comprehension skill is theme - this is often referred to as the "lesson learned" in the story. 

Math:  We will revisit combinations of 10 and introducing/adding this to our strategy wall.  As the numbers get bigger, finding 10 is a great way to break those problems apart.  We will also start our addition with 3 addends.  They are excited for this!!!

Social Studies:  

Science:  Habitats and animals needs are the focus this week and next.  It's great preparation for our River Bend Nature Center trip coming up!  



Remember to save those pop tabs!!


As always, call or email with any questions!



~Mrs. Mushitz