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Peek of the week for December 11 - 15

Important Dates:

  • December 21- Gingerbread house building and lunch in the classroom- 10:00 - 12:20
  • December 22 - January 1- Winter Break


 Your child should have brought home a note on Friday, Dec. 1 about the gingerbread house building project.  The note asked for a donation and invited you to join us for house building and lunch.




Reading homework includes reading a book at their level on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Friday is a special reading homework night! Children will select a book from the classroom that they would like an adult at home to read to them.  Although the children are working hard to develop their own reading skills it is still important for them to hear good reading modeled for them.  This is also a special time to cuddle and enjoy reading with your child.  Spelling words should also be practiced each day.  Remember the Friday test will include two mystery words not on the list but words that follow the spelling rule for the week.


Phonics skills:  

Long e words spelled with /ee/ or /e/  Examples: need, green, we, he, she.  Also this week we will learn about syllable breaks that happen between the two consonant in the middle of a word and that the first syllable will have a short vowel sound.  Examples: nap/kin, trum/pet, bonnet.



Printing the letter Ww.



 We will talk about comparing and contrasting.  This is the same as telling how two things are the same or different.


 Words with long e spelled /ee/ or /e/.

Sight Words:

also, new,

other, some, their, me, three, need


*greater than >, less than <,  is the same as =

*place value- discussing tens and ones

*counting nickels and pennies and dimes




Needs and Wants