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Wellness & Birthdays

New Prague Area Schools Wellness

To find out more information about the new Wellness initiative in our school district, visit the site below:

NPAS Wellness Website


Classroom Birthday's: In the past, many students chose to celebrate their birthday with the class by bringing in cupcakes, Little Debbie snacks, or other treats that aren't a healthy option.  This year, if your child would like to bring in a birthday treat, to honor and support our NPAS wellness initiative, use the site below to choose a healthy snack for your child to bring in to share with their class.

Healthy Snacks Directory Link


Celebrating without Treats

Remember that you don't HAVE TO bring in a treat to celebrate this special day.  There are many other ways to honor your child on their birthday that don't involve unhealthy treats.

Other Birthday Celebration Ideas:

  • Your child can choose a book from a local store and donate it to their classroom library in honor of their special day.

  • Your child can bring in non-food items to celebrate their day (pencils, small party toys, etc).

  • Your child can choose a classroom activity that we can all enjoy together from the birthday box.