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Math Notes

Our  3rd unit will continue to cover decimals. 

This will cover Minnesota Math Standards: 

    • Order and compare decimals and locate on a number line. 
    • Recognize and generate equivalent decimals. 
    • Round numbers to the nearest 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001.
    • Add and subtract decimals using efficient and generalizable procedures, including standard algorithms.

 **Click on the lesson (in blue) to be taken to the notes from class.  If you are absent, a copy of the notes are also sent to your school email address.  You are responsible for the notes that you missed from class. 


This Unit's Learning Target are:
3A:I can find the value of a decimal on a number line.
3B and 3C: I can compare decimals on a number line and in a variety of other model forms.
3D: I can put decimal numbers in order.