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Getting into the swing of it all! 

 We have been practicing a lot of classroom routines.  We are doing an absolutely wonderful job!  This group is a hard-working, fun, and respectful group.  Share groups started last week.  You will find a yellow sheet in the back of the planner explaining how share works in our classroom.  This week is SHARE GROUP B and next week is SHARE GROUP C.  On Thursday, we get to meet our 4th grade buddies in Mrs. Laine’s class for the first time this year.  So fun!  On Friday, September 21, we will celebrate Dozinky Days by dancing with a polka band and doing some Czech activities. 


In math, we are working on money.  Please pull out that change charge and practice counting together.  It’ll be totally $WORTH$ it.  We are also working on time.  This week our job is to complete as many of the IXL Clocks/Time questions as possible on the second grade tab.  The IXL log in is in the back of the binder planner.  Time and money are both quite tricky for many second graders in the beginning of the year.  Please let me know if you would like some more ideas to help support your child at home.



It’s been an amazing start to the school year!

We have had the opportunity to get to know one another and how our classroom works.  Every class has its own personality.  Our class became instant friends on the first day of school.  So fun!  We are high energy, high humor, and exceptionally kind.  Beginning of the year highlights include our red carpet welcome last Friday, playing tag, Pica/Ferme/Nada game, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Climb the Mountain, and reading many great books.

The first six weeks of school are crucial as we set the tone and routines for our classroom.  We GO SLOW TO GO FAST!  That means we will take time these first weeks of school to cover all the expectations so they are clear for the rest of the year.  During our Reading/Writing block, we will work on our reading and working “stamina” so students are able to work independently and effectively while I meet with small groups and individuals more effectively throughout the year.  Also, we will work on picking out “just right” books and “just right” spots around the room in order to grow as readers. 

Odds and Ends

  • We have some food allergies in our classroom. When celebrating birthdays, I encourage nonfood items. Examples might include stamps, stickers, pencils, twisty straws, bubbles, play-doh, erasers, extra recess, teacher helper for the day, bracelets, , etc.
  • Water bottles are encourage and flip flops are discouraged J
  • Math Homelinks (school to home connections/practice time) will begin in a couple weeks
  • We take the FAST test or “thinking assessment” this week.  It is taken in the fall, winter, and spring.  Reports will be shared later in the year.  Please contact me if you would like to results sooner.
  • If you are interested in signing up to be a volunteer in our classroom but didn’t get a chance to yet, please write a note in your child’s Passport. I will then make sure you are on my volunteers list.

 Reminder: Please send in the yellow student information sheet, blue emergency dismissal sheet, and $5 party money if you have not yet.


Let's Get Moving!

 We’d love to see everyone at the BrainPower Walk/Run for Everyone Saturday, September 15th.  The funds raised help provide resources that enrich learning opportunities for students in the New Prague Area School District. Our classroom alone has benefited greatly from The Roots to Grow non-profit organization by providing assessment kits and reading curriculum specialized for second graders. http://www.npaschools.org/foundation