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Social Studies Notes

Our third unit of study will cover the early explorers that helped start the discovery of North America.  We remember that the Native Americans were here first and cover the time period of 900 - 1600.  We will discuss the truth about the first explorers of North America...the Vikings.  In fact the Vikings reached North America 500 years prior to the arrival of Columbus.  We will also talk about the adventures of Marco Polo and the impact he had on exploration.  We will debate whether or not Columbus should have a holiday named after him.  We will also discuss the Spanish explorers that claimed Florida, Mexico and parts of the American Southwest.  We will discuss advancements in technology of the 1400-1500's that allowed sailors to sail further and be safer.    


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Dates for Timeline for Notes

STAMP IT! Worksheet 

Silk Road Map to go with the book "We're Riding on a Caravan"

Prince Henry the Navigator Story with Questions

Reader's Theater Script for Christopher Columbus