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Media specialists in all three elementary schools have been planning an exciting new coding curriculum which will begin in November and December. Over the next few months, our elementary students across the district will be logging into an internet space called Kodable.com. Kodable.com is used by over 133 countries. On the Kodable.com site, K-5 students will be learning the language of coding. Some examples are algorithm, sequence, pseudocode, and flow structure. By the end of 5th grade, students will be able to code a computer program or video game using JavaScript.


Younger students will be introduced to block coding with the “Fuzz Family”. These fuzzy creatures will be used as manipulatives, which children will command through coding mazes. Coding is like learning a language. It is best to start young with the foundational concepts. As students advance, they will move from block coding to real code. Students will go from simply interacting with technology to actually creating technology.


The New Prague coding curriculum is more than “boring” algorithms. The kids will have fun learning with “unplugged” lessons. Fuzz dance party and fuzz hopscotch are just a few of the many kinesthetic lessons. Unplugged lessons will also have students away from their computers using their hands to build vital real life skills such as: communication, higher order thinking skills, and problem solving.


At Raven Stream Elementary third through fifth graders have started the coding curriculum in November. Kindergarten through second graders will start in early December. The lesson plans are set up for fifty minute blocks of time, so we will be changing the specialist schedule to fit the new time allotments. Instead of kindergarten and first graders having split specialist times, they will go to one specialist for the whole fifty minutes.


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lisa Meyer, Media Specialist, at 758-1564 or Mr. Pat Pribyl at 758-1501.