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Weekly Announcements!


Welcome Super Heroes to the 2017-2018 school year!HdIr7s0H4RBm9EQW-L5tv0bRw6J0RH1uhzMa32CQ_XQtadE_HfQtC26pnbGoEs-6rYlmAItIsdt0HdJ0-dVO57-X8rPqYBGMuCB0_H5fNFfaOOj7h4LG58ZwWH15fx5FM7Z20MgO 

A HUGE thank you to the following: (Week of October 16-18: Day 3-5)

Teacher's Aide/Superhero of the week.....Anna C.

Teacher's Aide/Superhero of the week last week...Kevin C.

Book and drawing donations....Daniel S. You are so generous! 

 Thanks Mrs. O'Brien for helping us out on Thursday!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: We do not have any October birthdays!

CONGRATS TO OUR DO LIFE BIG AWARD WINNERS:The September Do Life Big award was awarded to Mareng K. and Brandon S. Way to be a leader in and out of your school! Keep spreading kindness with integrity! We are looking forward to our October recipients. 

PENNIES FOR POLIO DRIVE: We collected coins for this great project. A special thanks to the families that donated. Thanks so much! This was sponsored by the Rotary Club.

BUDDIES:We were able to see our buddies this past week and read with them. We gave them their own bookmarks. We shared our favorite books that we love to read!

DALLAS BRASS: Students (band and choir students) will have the opportunity to see the Dallas Brass in concert here in New Prague. We will go during the school day on October 27. If you want to learn more about them....check out the link:https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=om#inbox/15ee95e6bea25e7b?projector=1  So fun! See below for more details:

Since its founding in 1983 by Michael Levine, the Dallas Brass has become one of America’s foremost musical ensembles.  The group has established a unique blend of traditional brass instruments with a full complement of drums and percussion, which creates a performing entity of extraordinary range and musical challenges.  The Dallas Brass repertoire includes classical masterpieces, Dixieland, swing, Broadway, Hollywood and patriotic music.

All School Gathering:We were able to share more spirit with a couple of Vikings cheerleaders. We also kicked off our reading challenge with mystery guests...ask your child who it was! More details will be coming home!

MYSTERY GIFT:We will be doing a mystery gift for the holidays. It will be $7.00 per item (additional gifts may be purchased as well for $7.00)....please encourage your child to earn the money for the gift. It is for their family! We will start the project this week. This is a personalized gift so an early deadline is needed.  More information will be coming home. Thanks so much! You will love it!!

"Hello 5th grade parents! My name is Craig Larson and I teach 3rd grade at Falcon Ridge. I had many of your students last year as a 4th grader, so I am very excited to provide this opportunity to collaborate together for something rather great!
~Math Masters~
This is an opportunity, through Community Ed, for your student to be given a fun challenge in the area of math.
  • Who?
    • Any 5th grade students that enjoy math and are willing to try something new!
  • What?
    • Monthly practice for 6-7 months, preparing for an individual and team competition at the end of the year called Math Masters, with other teams from Minnesota!
  • Where?
    • Mr. Larson's room @ Falcon Ridge. Room number 4.
  • When?
    • ?ui=2&ik=3fec43eb57&view=fimg&th=15f2b376b1aedbc1&attid=0.4&disp=emb&realattid=ii_j8fyv3gk0_15ef20460a064918&attbid=ANGjdJ8s2hemjZgecYwg6tS9YJ6hjhkAK9ihnGp_7q6S0Z_b6SquUrUeteQU2pDgssHVaXThGOUXFzLNllylXzBLM95ZWgg9G7pg9Ew4diyaHNtfMG4WQmAiPrsbA9I&sz=w460-h704&ats=1508261148002&rm=15f2b376b1aedbc1&zw&atsh=1

Our classroom discussion: We discussed the importance of being organized by writing down all of the assignments in the planner. We also talked about checking to be sure assignments are COMPLETELY finished when entering into the classroom. Some students have experienced late work. It is important to learn from that and keep moving forward to avoid that from happening again in the future. It is also important to put all papers where they belong....in the expandable in the correct subject slot. We will continue to stress this as the year progresses. Thanks so much for your help at home as well!

Lessons - Mon., Oct. 16 (Day 3)

HARVEST CELEBRATION: We are looking towards the end of October already! What about dressing up on October 31? Well...It can be very simple. For the girls...capri pants and a 50s looking shirt. Some of the girls like to wear poodle skirts. The cat eye glasses are also a big hit! For the boys...jeans and a white shirt. Do not forget the slicked back hair! We will be having root beer floats and watching movies that afternoon. Candy sharing is optional. 

Image result for 50s fashion teenage boy and girl

SCHOLASTIC books:If you are interested in ordering from Scholastic books:


Use our classroom code: Class Code - H4D7Z   

NEED IDEAS FOR EXTRA HELP? A great place to check out some sites to help with reading or math....check it out!



CAUTION: We have a few students that have peanut and tree nut allergies. Please do not send your child to school with these items. Thanks so much!!


SQUIRT:We have a classroom goal to stay on target for this reading program. If the students stay at 100 pages a week they can keep up! So...our total should be 700 pages read so far. I have this total posted in the classroom as well. Each day it increases by 20 pages.




Reading/Language: We will continue reading in our book club groups. We will continue with our comprehension skills as we read as well. These skills will be reviewed in a packet. This week we will concentrate on making more connections as well as a prediction as we read. We will be starting a writing project. It will be about superhero characteristics. It will go into next week. These projects will be on our lockers.

Science/Health:   Our class is enjoying our biodomes. We have added producers (plants), consumers (insects), and now decomposers (worms). We will be closing them up this week and we will see if our closed system can survive! Last year I had three that survived. I hope that this class has better results.

Social Studies/Math and Spelling:Your child will have Mrs. Wiener for these classes. Check out her web site under links on this site.


Here are the Spelling words: http://www.npaschools.org/spelling-lists

**Dates to Note**


October 19-20...MEA (No school)

October 27...Dallas Brass concert

October 30....Delivery of fundraiser items. (3:00-6:00)

November 2 and 9....Evening conferences (school in session)

November 10....Conferences (no school)

November 11 Veteran's Day

November 13,20,27...Internet safety speakers (in class)

November 23-24 Thanksgiving break (no school)

December 18...Showcase band and choir concert: 5:00pm

December 22-January 1 Holiday break (no school)

January 12....End of first semester.

January 15...MLK Day-no school-(Staff development)

February 19...(No school) President's Day

February 25 Panorama of bands concert: high school 3:00pm

March 1 and 8...Evening conferences (school in session)

March 9....Conferences (No school)

March 26-30 Spring break-No school

May 8 All district band concert 7:00pm.

May 13....Mother's Day

May 24....Last day of school