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This Week


Monday- Music

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Phy. Ed.

Thursday- Art

Friday- Phy. Ed.


Last week we learned about the diagaphs: sh, th, wh, and ch and that when those letters are together they make different sounds. This week we are going to focus mostly on words with th and wh.

We are also reading the book "Peter's Chair" and using different comprehension strategies as we read it. We are also starting to do a lot more writing and the kids have to sound out the words on their own! It is challenging but they are so proud of themselves when they finish! We work on "invented spelling" which means they are not focusing on spelling words correctly. They are just writing the sounds they hear meaning the word "turkey" may be written as "trke" because those are the sounds they hear. This is a very important developmental step so encouragement to spell words on their own is helpful!

New sight words this week: me, here, there, what, was


This week we are going to practice sequencing numbers as well as greater than less than. We are also going to be practicing more number writing. We will practice up to at least 31 but may try to go to 100 if some are ready! If some numbers are backwards, that is not a problem! The only thing I would fix is if they mix up the order like 12 vs. 21. The concepts that we will continue to review throughout December are:  counting backward from 20 and one more one less