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This Week

Specialist Rotation 9/17-9/21

Monday- Day 3

Tuesday- Day 4

Wednesday- Day 5

Thursday- Day 1

Friday- Day 2


These are the skills that we will do whole group. I know this may be easy or hard for some but we will start small groups in a few weeks and then we will work on skills at their level.

Book- Lily's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes (same author as last week!)

Sight Words- like, to, go

Phonics skill- Letter Formation

Letter focus- c, a, d, g


As we start our year, we will be focusing on numbers. Students will be not only recognizing them but counting forward and backward, writing, building, and understanding them. Even if your child knows these numbers, a deep understanding of them helps with automatically not only skills we learn this year but skills in later years as well!

This week we are focusing on 4 and 5. We are also doing graphing, sorting, and counting backward.

We started many calendar skills as well. We look at the date, days of the week, and months. We also graph the weather and count our days of school. This is something we will do every day this year!