In last week's newsletter, I shared the district decision to drop our TeacherWeb subscription after the 2014-15 (review the reasons in the previous newsletter). If you are looking for resources to help create, design, and modify your class web pages, visit TIP Sheets & FAQs: Staff Directory. Note:

If you have used Google Forms, you know how useful it can be to quickly gather feedback from a survey or assessment. I was very excited to see the recent upgrade to Google Forms. You can now customize your forms... change the banner image, customize fonts, change the colors, and even modify the background. Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers) created this helpful video tutorial.

Looking for more Grade Book screen space? Campus Instruction Beta includes a "hide" button that allows you to hide/unhide the Campus Instruction navigation menu. This can be helpful when you need to more screen space to view your Grade Book assignment scores. [full-size image]

Over the summer, Infinite Campus updated the core set of teacher tools (e.g., Attendance, Seating Charts, Grade Book). These tools can now be found in the Campus Instruction app. To help access these tools quicker, you can set the Campus Instruction app as the default application: [full-sized image]

Having a district Google Apps domain offers a lot of benefits for NPAS students and staff. In addition to storing and creating documents, Google Apps for Education provides every user a Gmail account. Unfortunately, this can complicate things as some students (and parents) have sent messages to teachers using the NP Gmail ( domain. Most of us do not check our NP Gmail account very often as it is mainly a collection of "Shared Document" notifications.

At the April 18th Staff Development Day (SDD) I encouraged everyone to keep moving forward with your "20 Mile March"...

At the January 20th Staff Development Day (SDD) I encouraged everyone to set and complete the following three goals before March 7th:

Google provides technology administrators an "Admin Dashboard" to help manage district user accounts and application settings. The dashboard also includes reports which indicate the trends in application use. In this report, the red line indicates the number of Creators (user accounts) we have district-wide. Since November 2013, we have grown from 3,308 users to 3,688 (11% increase). Why would this number grow so dramatically during this period of the school year? Two reasons...

Around 2012, Microsoft restructured their K-12 pricing program. This made it much more affordable for us to purchase MS Office licenses for all the computers in our district. Along with the new pricing structure, they also offer a "Home Use Program" (HUP) for all district staff members (note: you must have an email address). For only $9.95, you can have the 2016 version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook on your home computer. I've posted the directions to download, purchase, and install Microsoft Office 2016 below.