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Peek @ the Week

 Grandperson's Day at Raven Stream is Thursday, April 26th from 3:45-5:30.  Be sure to let those special people know.  I'd love to meet them!!

Flat Stanley - We have just finished reading a book called "The Adventures of Flat Stanley" written by Jeff Brown.  Now we need your help.  This week, your child will be bringing home the supplies and instructions needed for our Flat Stanley project.  We are asking you to send Stanley (through the mail) on vacation.  When Stanley returns to Raven Stream we will look at the destination and learn a little more about each place.  This is a fun way to incorporate our map skills that we have been working on as well!

Snow Day/Blended Learning Activities - Please click on the tab to view first grade blended learning activities.

Subtraction Time Tests -  Like addition time tests, subtraction timed tests will be given 1-2 times a week. Your can help your child with his/her math fluency by practicing subtraction facts at home. This tends to be much more difficult for children.  There are great apps or even "old school" flash cards that work great for practice. 

Reading:     We will be focusing on the dipthong -ou  this week.  We will also be reviewing theme in a fiction story and our non-fiction focus will be on text features.  Much of this month will be spent looking at "trickster tales".  They are always a favorite!

Math:  Geometry has come to an end and we will spend the remainder of the year building on those skills that have been introduced this year.  This week we will work with a lot of mental math (finding 10 more, 10 less) as well as number grid puzzles.  

Social Studies:  map  skills.  Watch for information on our Flat Stanley project to be coming home! 

Science:  Seeds are planted!!!  Hopefully we'll have some sprouts soon!  The first graders are loving the responsibility of taking care of these plants and using our science journals to record what we see.

Last week was Severe Weather Awareness week.  We will continue talking about various types of severe weather and how to stay safe.  We will also have a couple tornado drills here at school.  Watch for our Severe Weather books to be coming home this week.  They are almost finished.



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As always, call or email with any questions!



~Mrs. Mushitz