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Peek of the week for January 8 - 12

Important Dates:


  • Roller skating days: January 8, 11, 16, 19
  • Week of January 8-Pennies for Patients Drive: 
    • Bring pennies on Monday
    • Bring nickels on Tuesday
    • Bring dimes on Wednesday
    • Bring quarters on Thursday
    • Bring dollars on Friday
  • January 12- End of 1st Semester
  • January 15- No School; Staff Development Day
  • January 24- Field Trip to River Bend Nature Center (outdoors)-weather permitting  (information coming home this week)


Please remember to send appropriate outdoor gear with your child each day.  The school policy is to hold outdoor recess when the windchill is above zero.  




Reading homework includes reading a book at their level on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Friday is a special reading homework night! Children will select a book from the classroom that they would like an adult at home to read to them.  Although the children are working hard to develop their own reading skills it is still important for them to hear good reading modeled for them.  This is also a special time to cuddle and enjoy reading with your child.  Spelling words should also be practiced each day.  Remember the Friday test will include two mystery words not on the list but words that follow the spelling rule for the week.


Phonics skills:  

Final -ng and -nk



Printing the letter Gg.



 We will talk about plot- what happens in the beginning, middle and end of a story.


 Words ending with ng or nk.

Sight Words:

any, were, long, think, number



We will be writing to 1,000!  This project is very exciting and motivating for most children.  We begin working all together and then the children are allowed to work at their own pace.  The purpose of this project is to develop a deeper understanding of place value.

We will continue to work of addition strategies, counting coins, 10 more and 10 less, and greater/less than.



 In preparation for our upcoming field trip to Riverbend Nature Center we will begin a until on animals in winter and animal habitats.