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Peek of the week for November 13 - 17

Important Dates:

  • November 13- Veterans Day program at 11:05
  • November 23 & 24- No School- Thanksgiving break
  • December 22 - January 1- Winter Break


 Raven Stream Book Challenge:  Mr. Pribyl has challenges Raven Stream students to read 50,000 books this school year.  We will use the regular reading logs to count the books for Mr. Pribyl's challenge. Let's Read!!

Coin Identifying and Counting: We have begun to learn the names and values of the penny, dime, and nickel.  Many children need practice with this, please find opportunities to practice with your child. It can be very incidental: find a coin in the car or couch?  ask your child what it is.  buying something from the vending machine?  ask your child about the coins you put in.  tooth fairy visiting?  she could bring coins and your child could trade you for dollars.



Reading homework includes reading a book at their level on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Friday is a special reading homework night! Children will select a book from the classroom that they would like an adult at home to read to them.  Although the children are working hard to develop their own reading skills it is still important for them to hear good reading modeled for them.  This is also a special time to cuddle and enjoy reading with your child.  Spelling words should also be practiced each day.  Remember the Friday test will include two mystery words not on the list but words that follow the spelling rule for the week.


Phonics skills:  

Digraph CVCe, long i words spelled with magic e.  Examples: time, bike, pine.  Also this week we will learn the sounds for ch, tch, and wh.



Printing the letter Kk.



 We will talk about the author's purpose for writing a text: to entertain or to inform.


 Words with magic e and long i

Sight Words:

live, out, people, who, work, much,such, line, time


*Number line strategies to add and subtract.

*Continuing non-measuring (using blocks or paper clips to measure how long something is).  We will not use inches and feet until much later.

*Counting nickels and pennies and dimes




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