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Raven Stream Teachers

First Name Last Name Position Phonesort descending Building Subject
Emily Wilson Teacher (952) 758-1500 Raven Stream Special Education
Toby Thietje Teacher (952) 758-1511 Raven Stream Music
Julie Spindler Teacher (952) 758-1512 Eagle View, Falcon Ridge, Raven Stream Band
Molly Schmidley Teacher (952) 758-1532 Raven Stream Special Education
Dana Smith Teacher (952) 758-1537 Raven Stream Physical Education
Jesse Bastyr Teacher (952) 758-1537 Raven Stream Physical Education
Kathryn Krech Teacher (952) 758-1551 Raven Stream Art
Katie Menden Teacher (952) 758-1563 Raven Stream Special Education
Lisa Meyer Teacher (952) 758-1564 Raven Stream Media
Kim Strop Teacher (952) 758-1566 Raven Stream Response to Intervention
Shari Grote Teacher (952) 758-1571 Raven Stream Special Education