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Review the Week


In reading  this week we read  Volcanoes.   This story was non-fiction that gave us main ideas and details about nature’s disasters.  We learned many interesting facts about volcanoes.  We learned about similes and metaphors in the story.  Authors use these to help a reader visualize!

We are learning about common and proper nouns and finding them all around Falcon Ridge and in our classroom!

Our spelling  words contained  short and long vowels.  When a short vowel is in the first syllable it follows the VC/V pattern.  When it is a long vowel it follows the V/CV pattern. 




This week we began Unit 3.  This unit we will be learning operations for both addition and subtraction.  We focused on patterns using in and out boxes.  We also reviewed rounding numbers to help us make an estimate.  We talked about when people may use an estimate, like when we are shopping.  Fact power is important in this unit.  Practice both addition and subtraction facts at home!


Social or Science:

Science: Over the next two weeks we will be learning about plants and how they grow.  We will make observations on seeds as they germinate in the classroom.  We will sort plants by their characteristics into coniferous and deciduous groups.  We will also learn about the plant life-cycle and what all plants need to survive in their environments.



Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming!

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