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Simple Machines Unit


Watch this video and answer the following questions in your notes: Stop/pause when necessary. 1. What is a simple machine? 2. What is work? 3. Identify the six simple machines in your notes: *Define each *Draw a picture of each *How does each simple machine help do work? *Give examples of each. What are simple machines?


Listen to the words to a catchy simple machine song....I bet you can 
create your own!
Catchy song!


The incline plane
Watch the clips on Brainpop for each simple machine: (Ravenstream/school)


Watch the Brainpop video on levers.


Watch the Brainpop on the wheel and axle.
Wheel and axle


Watch the Brainpop video on the pulley.


Visit the simple machines webquest. See if you can match up the 
correct simple machine to the picture!
Play the matching game.


Investigate and report on simple machines. Start this activity by 
clicking on "investigating the facts". 
Dirtmeisters simple machines: For CSI students!


Watch the movies as you have time!
Even more videos!


Industrial engineers use simple machines to make work easier. Watch 
the video to see if you can see how. 
*How many chips does one potato make? 
Watch and find out. 
Watch how potato chips are made!