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Social Studies Notes

Students are currently deep into researching a colony that was part of the 13 Colonies.  Students were paired up in groups of 2 and will create a google slide presentation to share with the class. 

The components of the presentation must include:

  • 10 slides total
    • introducation
    • foundation
    • geography
    • population
    • colonial cities
    • economy
    • hardships
    • famous people
    • interesting facts
    •  sources used 


**If you were absent from class for a day, the notes for that specific day were shared to your Google Shared Drive.  Check there!

Google login:  first five letters of your last name, first 3 letters of your first name @isd721.org

Password: npas#### (lunch code)


Dates for Timeline for Notes

STAMP IT! Worksheet 

Silk Road Map to go with the book "We're Riding on a Caravan"

Prince Henry the Navigator Story with Questions

Reader's Theater Script for Christopher Columbus