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Social Studies Notes

Our second unit of study will entail mesoamerica and early civilizations in North America.  We will discuss the movement of Natives into North America and then break the regional tribes into sections to study the culture, resources and living conditions of that region.  We will study the Southwest Tribes, the Great Plains Tribes, the Pacific Northwest/Alaskan Tribes, The Northeastern Woodlands, and the Aztecs of Mexico.  We will also discuss the Mayan and Olmec tribes of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  

These are the notes we will cover in class. 

Land Bridge and Pangea/ Mayans and Olmecs

Desert Tribes

Cultural Regions Graphic Organizer 

Pacific Northwest Tribes

Great Plains Tribes

Northeastern Woodlands Tribes

Aztec Tribe of Central Mexico

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If you are absent from class, check your google drive for the shared notes that were discussed in class. If you are unable to access your account on google, please come see Mrs. W as soon as you return to school.  Remember it is your responsibility to get the notes from when you are gone.


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