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Special Education

Welcome to New Prague Area School Special Education website!  Our goal is to provide a collaborative learning environment that promotes individualized educational opportunities for all students.  Special education instruction is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of a child with a disability at no cost to the parent.  Special education services are provided to the child in conjunction with the general education curriculum.  We are committed to providing high quality education services and supports!  We believe in being flexible, collaborative, and inclusive in our practice to meet the needs of our students.
Our special education department serves children from birth to age 21.  New Prague Area School offers a range of services from home-based services for infants and toddlers, inclusion opportunities, resource based programs, center-based programs and community-based opportunities for students over 18 who qualify for Transition services.  In addition we offer specialty programs through the South West Metro Cooperative.  
Amy%20Johnson%202017.jpgAmy Johnson
Special Services Director
Phone: 952-758-1724
Email: avandenberg@isd721.org
 DeGross%202017_0.jpgJulie DeGross
Executive Assistant
Phone: 952-758-1768
Email: jdegross@isd721.org
Angie%20Pahl%202017.jpgAngie Pahl
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 952-758-1723
Email: apahl@isd721.org
 Isley%202017.jpgKim Isley
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 952-758-1721
sawchuk%202017.jpgDarrin Sawchuk
Special Ed. Coordinator
Phone: 952-758-1742/1417
Email: dsawchuk@isd721.org