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Over the past two school years, the "Forward Your NP Gmail to Your NP Outlook" has been one of the most referenced TIP Sheets. About a year ago, Jeremy Biermaier, MS Social Studies teacher, started forwarding his Gmail to his Outlook. Everything worked fine, but when you have 120+ students sharing Google Docs, your inbox can become flooded. So he asked me if there was a way to automatically sort all the Google Docs notifications? -- Yes, by setting up "Rules."

Having a district Google Apps domain offers a lot of benefits for NPAS students and staff. In addition to storing and creating documents, Google Apps for Education provides every user a Gmail account. Unfortunately, this can complicate things as some students (and parents) have sent messages to teachers using the NP Gmail ( domain. Most of us do not check our NP Gmail account very often as it is mainly a collection of "Shared Document" notifications.