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Tuesday April 3, 2018...Snow Day!

If you have art class for your Special today (DAY 2) you may choose one of the following activities to get your creative juices flowing!


1. Imagine a world where something else (besides snow) fell from the sky today (candy, elephants, soda, fidget spinners, soccer balls...you decide!) Draw what that place would look like.

2. Design and draw the ultimate sled! Be sure to include different features such as rocket boosters, a cocoa making machine, hand warmers, etc...Be creative!

3. Build the tallest tower possible out of ice cubes! Do it on a towel, ice melts! 

4. If weather permits, build a snowman!

If you are drawing, I would love to see it! Bring it to art on the next Day 3 :)

Enjoy your snow day!

~ Mrs. Cline