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This week  we are continuing to work on writing and organizing sentences such as knowing a capital letter goes first and a period at the end. They will be identifying the first & last letter in words as well as the first & last words in a sentence. We are finishing up with the capital letters in our handwriting book as well.



This weeks sight words: from, her, his, they

These are the sight words we have introduces so far: a, am, I, is, the, see, like, to, go, my, in, can, look, on, it, have, you, at, we, as, no, be, she, he, this, so, and, are, said, do, come, for, had, an , up, but, that, all, were & of




This week in math we will continuing working on counting backwards from 20, number writing and knowing "one more than" and "one less than" a number. 


Specials 12/10-12/14:


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