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Figurative Language Clues

You need to write 5 sentences that give clues about yourself.  At least three of the sentences need to include different types figurative language (simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc.).   Your first two clues should be general – eye color, hair color, glasses, etc.  The next two clues should be more specific about you – activities you are in, number of siblings, pets, etc.).  The final clue should be specific to you.  It should basically allow people to guess that it’s you. 

We will work on this tomorrow, so if you aren’t quite sure, do your best and we’ll edit tomorrow.



My eyes are blue oceans.

My hair is as yellow as the sun on a summer morning.

Swish! The ball makes into the basket as I race down the court.

I glide across the dance floor like a swan.

My siblings are annoying mosquitos when they want to play.

My feet go click, click, click as I tap dance around the room.