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This Week


Monday- Art

Tuesday- Phy. Ed.

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Library

Friday- No School/ Conferences


We have been talking a lot about vowels and focusing on reading short vowel words. This week we are going to focus on the short e sound in words like: fed, jet, met, red...

We are also reading the book "Scardy Squirrel." and using different comprehension strategies as we read it. We are also starting to do a lot more writing and the kids have to sound out the words on their owe! It is challenging but they are so proud of themselves when they finish!

The new sight words this week are: but, that, were, of, all (check the sight word link for the list of all words we have learned so far).


This week we will be continuing number sense and basic addition with the number 10. Understanding how to make 10 is so important before moving on to harder math. It is a strategy that will be used often as they move through the years so we will be practicing it all year! We are also starting very basic addition and subtraction. The concepts that we will continue to review in November are: counting by 5s, counting backward from 15, and tally marks.