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This Week in Preschool


October 23 - 27

Our current theme is  “Halloween”

Letter of the Week: Ee

Our book:  It’s Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall

Sensory table: Orange rice and black bow-tie noodles

Vocabulary Words: pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, soil, vines, tiny, fall

Snacks: Scrambled eggs in tortilla, Fruit and pretzels, applesauce and vanilla wafers

Outdoor/Movement Time: Balls, hoops and cones outside; playground; nature walk



October 16 - 18

Our current theme is  “Fall Fun”

Letter of the Week: L, T, I, C, O Review

Our book:  Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Sensory table: Water, funnels, buckets, measuring cups

Snacks: Crackers and peaches; applesauce and graham crackers

Outdoor/Movement Time: Yoga, balance, Sink or Swim; playground or nature walk


October 9 - 13

Our current theme is  “Caring and Sharing”

Letter of the Week: Oo

Our book:  Oonga, Boonga by Frieda Wishinsky

Sensory table: Beach sand; Washing babies

Vocabulary Words: baby, care, child, whisper, hug, tear

Snacks: Pretzels and dip; Mandarin oranges and crackers; vanilla wafers and milk

Outdoor/Movement Time: Red Light, Green Light and Sink or Swim games; balancing and skill relays; playground


October 2 - 6

Our current theme is “Friends Working and Playing Together”

Letter of the Week: Cc

Our book: Matthew and Tilly by Rebecca C. Jones

Vocabulary Words: happy, sad, mad, accident, afraid, apologize

Science table: Pine cones, leaves, rocks, wood, tree bark and magnifying glasses

Snacks: String cheese and crackers; vanilla wafers and fruit; applesauce and crackers

Outdoor/Movement Time: Parachute games and songs; playground; skill relays



September 25 - 29

Our current theme is  “Friends to the Rescue”

Letter of the Week: T

Our book: Oscar is Cold by Ricardo Alcantara

Vocabulary Words: help, shiver, company, icy

Sensory table: Field corn cobs

Snacks: Tortillas and peanut butter, apple turnovers, crackers and fruit

Outdoor/Movement Time: Yoga for kids; Red Light, Green Light; jumping and balancing



September 18 – 22

Our current theme is “New Friends”

Bring a favorite stuffed animal to school on Wednesday!

Letter of the Week: Ii

Our book: Corduroy by Don Freeman

Vocabulary Words: friend, fun, game, laugh, play, together

Sensory table: Sand, shovels, buckets

Science table: Monarch chrysalis - our last butterfly is ready to emerge

Outdoor/Movement Time: Balancing, hopping and jumping; hula hoops and balls; movement mats



September 11 – 15

Our current theme is “You and Me”

Letter of the Week: L

Our book: If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Joffe Numeroff

Vocabulary Words: classroom, favorite, same, different

Sensory table: Colored rice, bowls and scoops

Science table: Real monarch caterpillars

Snacks: Pretzel sticks and dip; cereal with milk; applesauce and crackers

Outdoor/Movement Time: Outdoor relays; tossing, kicking balls; sink or swim



September 5 – 8

Our current theme is “Welcome”

Our book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Vocabulary Words: boy, girl

Sensory table: Colored rice, bowls, scoops

Science table: Real monarch caterpillars

Snacks: Graham crackers and milk; goldfish or cheese crackers and milk

Outdoor/Movement Time: Go for a walk; explore outside around our school