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Weekly Announcements!


Welcome NASA Astronauts to the 2018-2019 school year! total-solar-eclipse-nasa-logo-caleclipse.jpg.png?itok=723x5ihO
A Message from Mrs. Ilkka-

A HUGE thank you to the following: (December 17-21: Day 2-1 and January 2-4, 2019 Day 2-4)

*Thanks to Our NASA Astronaut last week....Harty and this week...Alice! 

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DECEMBER BIRTHDAY:  Melina (13th)... I hope you had a great day!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! I will have my Navy son and college kids home! Enjoy the time with family and friends! 
GRADE PROGRESS REPORT:  A progress report was sent home with your child on Friday. Please view and sign it to be returned. The end of the semester is January 11th. Thanks!
A MESSAGE: UPDATE: I heard from 21 families from my classroom and 13 families from Mrs. Madigan's classroom last week. Thanks so much to the families that let me know! I have passed out their Space Bucks! I appreciate you reading and keeping up to date!
We will be sending home a red book bag that will have a great book in there to read with your child. It is a book by an author that will be visiting Raven Stream in February. There are instructions in the bag for a writing activity. Please complete the reading and activity that night. We are trying to get the book activity to everyone in our class by early February. Thanks so much and happy reading! See the link above for more detail about this activity. I did the first activity in the book for an example. 
*3D Stars that we made in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBwoTlr08jk   

DO LIFE BIG:Congrats to our November Do Life Big award recipients...Jocelyn and Lily S. Way to go above and beyond to help others out! We appreciate your kindness! We thank you for being a super role model to your peers too. 

*Send a pic of your child Doing Life Big! This will be due by the end of the  year. I love all of the picture I have received already! I will put together a slide show of all of the great things we are doing at home, at school, and in our community!! 

NEEDED:We will continue to collect any 2 liter clear bottles (with caps) you have all year....I will start collecting for next year! 


Happy Holiday celebrations to you all! I wanted to share one of my favorite Holiday flash mob songs....so beautiful! Enjoy the season with your family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXh7JR9oKVE   


A message about Band/Choir this week:

 Band - MONDAY, Dec. 17 (Day 2)
            Stands = BRASS
Lessons - Mon., Dec. 17 (Day 2)
                 Fri., Dec. 21 (Day 1)
Monday, Dec. 17 @ 6 p.m., RS Gym
     *Arrive: 5:45pm
     * Band Attire: Band shirt, black pants/shoes
     * Choir Attire: Sing! shirt, jeans or dark pants
ROLLERSKATING: Save the Dates: January 8th-22nd in PE class!

We roller skate with 1st through 5th grade students. We have helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, and roller skates. Students are encouraged to bring their own bike or skate helmets. Also, they need to wear long socks, preferable 2 pairs! Students will not be able to skate if they do not have long socks, due to the possibility of blisters. No personal skates will be allowed!

Need to bring:
   1. 2 pairs of long socks to keep at school for gym days
   2. Helmet, if you have one  
Dana Smith  Physical Education
SCIENCE FAIR:For my young scientists out there.....you can start thinking of doing the Science Fair now! Winter break is a great time to start looking at projects for the Science Fair. I have a link to a document for more information. Let me know if you cannot view it!  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LtwKi8LkKBE-bKWLlEpLCzkN2pEdYRcRrIfRuhi9UiA/edit?usp=sharing
*See this site for other ideas. Look under science and science fair links. Go Science!!
FYI:  From the office: Starting on Mon Dec 17th, students who want to play football & soccer will need to play in the fields. They will need to wear boots & snow pants in order to be in the fields. They will no longer be able to play these games on the blacktop because too many students were getting hurt. Please let your students know this & post it on your web page so parents are aware of it. Thank you.


SQUIRT: (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time) We have started! Your child chose a book from my library. Please encourage them to use the book bag provided. They need three books in there (a challenging book, a fun dessert book, and one of nonfiction). Get reading those books!! For more information and details look under my "work defined" section of this site. You can also read books from home. We are currently at 1600 pages so far that your child should have read. We will keep a running count all year to help with our reading goal of 100 books a week. 


Reading/Language: We will be reading from our SQUIRT books, Super Science magazine, and other texts this week. We will also be doing a DOL (Daily Oral Reading) worksheet that will be due on Friday. We will finish up our writing unit for the holidays with a persuasive letter that we will share on Friday. I will send all of our poems and letters home so they can be shared with your family at dinner time over the holidays! They are so creative! We have some wonderful writers!

*After the holiday break we will start my favorite unit....Number the Stars! It is a based on a book by Lois Lowry. The students will read a chapter of the book each day and answer comprehension questions about what they read. There will be a quiz on each 3-4 chapters. Students will receive a packet of questions as well as a calendar to write down due dates to stay organized. This unit will take us to the end of January. We will be discussing topics relating to the events of WWII and the Holocaust. Students are encouraged to check out a book to have at home and read with their parents. Please let me know if you would like to do that. I have many "well loved" books to check out! It is a great opportunity to share the love of reading with your child as we read this award winning book together.

Science/Health: We started a Scientific Method unit last week. We will be finishing the unit with my favorite lab. It is called the Diabolic Diaper Dilemma Lab....ask your child what they learned about absorbency and saturation levels! We will be graphing our results and taking the Scientific Method Quiz on Thursday. Students can study their notes and lab sheets for the quiz.

*After the holiday break we will start our Physical Science unit. We will study the 6 simple machines and Newton's Second Law of Motion. The unit will end with all of us engineering a balloon cart to race! Science is so fun!

Social Studies/Math and Spelling:Your child will have Mrs. Madigan for these classes. Check out her website on this site.


**Dates to Note*

December 17: Raven Stream 5th grade Fine Arts night!

December 24-January 1: No school-holiday break

January 11: End of first semester

January 21: No school-MLK Day

January 23...HS Jazz performance (in school)

January 25....look for report cards

February 24: Panorama of Bands Concert: 3:00-NPHS Gym

May 7: All district 5th grade concert: 7:00 NPHS Gym

May 17...Track and Field Day (Rain date May 24)