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Weekly Announcements!


Welcome NASA Astronauts to the 2018-2019 school year! total-solar-eclipse-nasa-logo-caleclipse.jpg.png?itok=723x5ihO
A Message from Mrs. Ilkka-

A HUGE thank you to the following: (September 17-21:Day 3-2)

*All of the parents that volunteered for our Outdoor Ed. fieldtrip. I have four parents going!

*All the students and parents that came to the Brain walk/run on Saturday! It was great to see you!

*Jack K. for your auction donation. Thanks!

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS: Brody P. (1st), and Charlie D. (9th), Alice K. (28th), and Jack K. (29th)... I hope you all  have/had a great day!

NEEDED:We will be starting our life science unit! If you have any seeds, potting soil, and clear 2 liter bottles (I will need worms later!).....we would sure appreciate it! Thanks....let the fun begin! 

Cedar Lake Outdoor Ed Day: We are going to take learning outside! On Wednesday we will head to Cedar Lake to learn more about science. Please pack a lunch! A big thanks to my parents that volunteered! I have four helpful parents! Remind your child to wear clothing to go outside. It can be chilly in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. We suggest long pants as well. They will be rotating to stations. We will let you know if it is cancelled due to weather.....however they will still bring a bag lunch no matter the weather (it has to do with the lunch counts at school)! Thanks!

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS:If you are interested in ordering books from Scholastic please see the information that came home in your child's Space/Friday folder. You can put an order online or send a check to school. Please order by September 28 if you are interested. There are really some great deals!! Use our class code to order...H4D7Z

A message about Band/Choir this week:

Band Lessons

Thurs., Sept. 20 (Day 1)
Fri., Sept. 21 (Day 2)
Materials: Instrument, Book/Folder, Pencil, Planner
             *All instrument rentals will be received at the first lesson.
              *If you already have your instrument at home, please bring it on your lesson day.
             *You do not need to bring a stand.
Large Group Band Rehearsal
Fri., Sept. 21 (Day 2), 1:55 - 2:45 pm, Cafeteria

Materials:  Marker or pack of markers, and something to write on

*Students will be given their lesson time on Monday. It will be in their planner. 
Choir Rehearsal
Fri., Sept. 21 (Day 2), 1:55 - 2:45 pm, Music Room


*Students....Please bring a picture of yourself doing something active this summer! Your pic will be posted by the PE room!

DO LIFE BIG! We talked about what this looks like and how we can make our school, home and town a better place. Check out our video we watched.....spread kindness! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwAYpLVyeFU


RAVEN STREAM PRIDE: Mr. Pribyl came in and talked to our classroom about how we can be great students this year. Here is a summary of what we can do: HAVE PRIDE-P= Prepare for the day R=Respect for each other and ourselves I=Inspire those around us with kind words and actions D=Determination to reach our goals E=Engagement-listen and paying attention.  Overall....Be a Friend to Everyone!

ALLERGY ALERT: Please be aware that we have a few students that are gluten sensitive in our classroom. If you send treats for any occasion please be aware of this. Thanks!

*Watch for the Science and Nature Education Conference at Gustavus College this year. It will be Tuesday, October 23. A great way to explore science!

 SQUIRT: (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time) We have started! You child chose a book from my library. Please encourage them to use the book bag provided. They need three books in there (a challenging book, a fun dessert book, and one of nonfiction). Get reading those books!! For more information and details look under my "work defined" section of this site. You can also read books from home. We are currently at 300 pages so far that your child should have read. We will keep a running count all year to help with our reading goal of 100 books a week. 

Donations needed: Every year we have a weekly drawing and a fun end of the year auction. We will use Space Bucks as a way to receive the prize. Students will earn these slips. As the year goes on feel free to donate items for our classroom. It can be things on the clearance shelf (that is where I find many of them)....or any fun thing that your child is interested in. We really appreciate it! 

Space Bucks formerly known as...GREAT slips: You can earn these bucks for a try in our weekly drawing or save them for the end of the year auction! How do you earn them? A great question! Every time you get your planner/assignment notebook signed by a parent....you get one!! So easy! You can also answer the "Space Buck question" that is written on the board each week. You just have to email Mrs. Ilkka at cilkka@isd721.org your answer with the source of where you found your information. 

REDOS: Have you ever made a mistake and wanted to redo something? Well now is your chance! When you redo an assignment on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your original sheet you can turn it in to Mrs. Ilkka's baskets (on her desk) for half you points back! What a great deal! We learn from our mistakes. You may not however redo tests, quizzes, or projects. 

MISSING WORK:  When a student is absent they will receive a blue sheet with the missing work listed on it. Students will have one day for each day they were absent plus an additional day to complete work. If it is a school function absence there will not be any additional days given. If a student is going to miss due to a vacation work will be given ahead of time ONLY if they plan to have the work completed at the time they return. Otherwise the work will be due as stated above. 


Reading/Language: We will review making inferences this week as we read our books in our book bag. I shared the Lexile number for your child. We will use this number to choose challenging books to make us better readers. If you would like to look up the Lexile number of a book use this site: https://fab.lexile.com/ use the quick book search. We will be doing a DOL sheet this week, it stands for Daily Oral Language. It will be due on Friday....but each day we will correct a small section as we go over grammar.

Science/Health: We finished up our Growth Mindset booklet. It is due on Monday. We also made our "Do Life Big" mini posters (due Wednesday). We will be starting our first science unit. It will be Life Science. The topic is exploring ecosystems. We will look at habitats, food chains, and what happens when there is a change in an ecosystem. We will be engineering our own biodome as the weeks go by.

Social Studies/Math and Spelling:Your child will have Mrs. Madigan for these classes. Check out her website on this site.


**Dates to Note**

September 19...Cedar Lake Outdoor Educational Day (9:30-2:00-Pack a lunch!)

September 20/21...Band/choir starts (1:55-2:45)

September 22....Dozinky!

September 26....Picture Retakes

September 28....Homecoming

October 18-19: No school-MEA break

November 1 (evening), 2 (full day), and 8 (evening)-Conferences

November 9: No school

November 22-23: No school-Thanksgiving Break

December 17: Raven Stream 5th grade Fine Arts night!

December 24-January 1: No school-holiday break

January 18: End of first semester

January 21: No school-MLK Day

February 24: Panorama of Bands Concert: 3:00-NPHS Gym

May 7: All district 5th grade concert: 7:00 NPHS Gym