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Weekly Announcements!


Welcome Super Heroes to the 2017-2018 school year!HdIr7s0H4RBm9EQW-L5tv0bRw6J0RH1uhzMa32CQ_XQtadE_HfQtC26pnbGoEs-6rYlmAItIsdt0HdJ0-dVO57-X8rPqYBGMuCB0_H5fNFfaOOj7h4LG58ZwWH15fx5FM7Z20MgO 

A HUGE thank you to the following: (November 20-22 and  November 27-December 1: Day 5-2 and Day 3-2) 

Teacher's Aide/Superhero of the week.....Taylor H. and Jacques J.

Teacher's Aide/Superhero of the week last week...Madison H.

Thanks to Shea and Aidan for the book donation!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: November 1st....Kylie and November 2nd Kamryn have birthdays! Hope you had a great day ladies!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of your support. Have a wonderful time with family!

CONGRATS TO OUR DO LIFE BIG AWARD WINNERS: The October Do Life Big award was awarded to Zoe R and Anthony P. Way to be a leader in and out of your school! Keep spreading kindness with integrity! We are looking forward to our November recipients. 

Holiday Sharing: We are collecting money to purchase gifts for a little boy that lives in our area that is in need of winter gear. We will collect through Wednesday, November 21. We will do that instead of a gift giving to each other. What a great way to give back to others in need and Do Life Big! A big thanks to Anna and her mom Deb that have volunteered to shop for our little friend. 

The menu for Kid's Choice on Tuesday, Nov., 21 is:

Chicken Nuggets
Cooked Carrots
Johnny Pop


Guest speaker: We enjoyed learning about Belinda Jensen's life. She is an author and Channel 11 meteorologists. She talked about following  your dreams! If you are interested in her books...families can order through her website at beltheweathergirl.com

Band info -Band - Wed., Nov. 22 (Day 2)

            Stands: Woodwinds
Lessons - Tues., Nov. 21 (Day 1)
                 Wed., Nov. 22 (Day 2)
                **Mon., Nov. 27 (Day 3)

INTERNET SAFETY:We will be having high school students come in this month to discuss internet safety and how to be careful with the things we say and do when dealing with the internet. 


CAUTION: We have a few students that have peanut and tree nut allergies. Please do not send your child to school with these items. Thanks so much!!


SQUIRT:We have a classroom goal to stay on target for this reading program. If the students stay at 100 pages a week they can keep up! So...our total should be 1300 pages read so far. I have this total posted in the classroom as well. Each day it increases by 20 pages.




Reading/Language: We will have a Lifebook entry this week. It will be due on Wednesday. Next week we will have an oral reading sheet. It will be due on Friday, December 1. This week we will be reading a story in Story Works. Our focus will be on making an inference. We will be taking a quiz on Wednesday. Next week we will have a SEM-R sheet. The students will be writing about the book they are reading for SQUIRT. That week our focus will be on making predictions and context clues.

Science/Health:  We will continue with chapter 5 on how energy passes through a food chain. We will be taking notes and doing a few activities.

Social Studies/Math and Spelling:Your child will have Mrs. Wiener for these classes. Check out her website under links on this site.


Here are the Spelling words: http://www.npaschools.org/spelling-lists

**Dates to Note**

November 13,20,27...Internet safety speakers (in class)

November 23-24 Thanksgiving break (no school)

December 8....Guest speaker (Wolves at our door)

December 18...Showcase band and choir concert: 5:00pm

December 22-January 1 Holiday break (no school)

January 12....End of first semester.

January 15...MLK Day-no school-(Staff development)

February 19...(No school) President's Day

February 25 Panorama of bands concert: high school 3:00pm

March 1 and 8...Evening conferences (school in session)

March 9....Conferences (No school)

March 26-30 Spring break-No school

May 8 All district band concert 7:00pm.

May 13....Mother's Day

May 24....Last day of school