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Mrs. Ericson and Mr. Ledwein     


In partnership with the New Prague Education Foundation, Eagle View Elementary PTO, Falcon Ridge Elementary PAC and Raven Stream Elementary PAC, we are thrilled to be offering an opportunity for all of our elementary families to participate in a community wide literacy activity, Growing to Love Books as a Community. Students will bring a book home to read with you and then create a written response. This book will be rotated among classmates in a special bag containing a journal and reading tip sheet! Grades K-5 will read: Bubble Gum Brain written by Julia Cook.  Our hope is that each family will take a few moments to read the selected book together and then prepare a written response using words, pictures or both. After you and your child complete the activity, your child will return the bag to their classroom so another family can then work on the activity with his/her family. When your child brings home this bag, please look for the reading tip sheet which is included.  The bag will be sent home starting on Monday, December 3rd.  Our goal is to have four students per week bring the book home. Each student can keep the book overnight, but should return it the next day.  Thank you!



Weekly Accomplishments:

Math: We learned about equivalent fractions.

Reading: We continued to discuss topic, main ideas, and details.  We are working our way through 7 different stations practicing this skill.

Science / Health: We learned about changes in the environment.  We started to discuss structural and behavioral adaptations. 

Social Studies: We learned about the Southwest Desert Native Americans.

Writing: We finished summarizing fiction and informational texts.


Important Dates:

December 17– Raven Stream Fine Arts Night – 6:00 pm

December 24 – January 1st – Winter Break

January 2 – School resumes

January 11th – End of Semester 1

January 21st – No School


Band Days:

Lessons – December 14th (Day 1)

Full Band / Choir & Lessons – December 10th (Day 2)