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Peek at Our Week



Last week our class met with our 4th grade buddies. We showed them a couple of math games and got to know them. We'll try to meet with them 2 times a month. We'll do various activities such as reading to them, learning games, and projects. This week in our class, we'll really try to master our tally marks and writing our first and last names. Check to see if your child knows these. If not, they would be great things to practice at home. With Dozinky Days coming up, we'll be talking about town festivals, heritage, and traditions. On Friday, each student will get to make a kolacky. The Raven Stream kitchen staff will bake them and then we'll get to eat them. Yum!

Math Homework - Please remember to initial each page of your child's math homework. That way I know you've seen your child's work and  you have an understanding of what we're doing in first grade, as well as how your child is able to do the work.

Playing cards for Math - If your child has not brought in his/her playing cards, please help your child to remember to bring them in. 

Brain Power Run/Walk - It was fun to see friends from our class and school at the races this Saturday. I'm sure we'll find out soon if Raven Stream will 3-peat and be the most Brain Powerful School in the district! : )

Photo Gallery - Check out pictures of our first day here

* Please remember your child works hard all day at following directions, listening, learning and playing. Please help your child by getting a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast every day. 


***This is what we'll be learning this week...


  • Our Story - Pig in a Wig
  • Phonics - short i, final x
  • Sight Words - and up it in his if will him big did still sit
  • Comprehension skill - Differentiating between realistic fiction and fantasy
  • Grammar/Writing- What is a sentence?
  • Handwriting - Writing first and last name, strokes and lines


  • Spelling Words Skill  - Short i
  • Click on the "Spelling List" tab on the left.  Note: Mrs. Horning's reading class has different words.
  • Spelling City - A great website to practice spelling words. Search for the title of our story of the week to find the correct list. 


  • At home practice: Write a number and your child can write the correct amount of tally marks, and you write tallies and they figure out how many total tally marks. Practice skip counting by 5's. Students should be writing tally mark lines from top to bottom.
  • Nickel and penny - recognition and value. Correlating coins to tally marks and groups of tallies.
  • One more, one less
  • Tally marks/Organizing data
  • Skip counting by 10's and 5's to 120

HEALTH  - Tips to stay healthy: washing hands, good nights sleep, eating healthy foods, getting exercise...

SOCIAL STUDIES - Town festivals, traditions, heritage, Dozinky Days -  Each student will make a kolacky.

SCIENCE - Living and non living

PHY-ED - Your child will have Mr. Bastyr and Mrs. Smith for their gym class. Check out their website to find out what they're learning.

Dates to Remember:

  • Sept. 20.......CLIMB Theater - Food Waste and Environmental play for Raven Stream
  • Sept. 20.......PAC meeting - 6:00 pm in the Creative Commons (aka Media Center)
  • Sept. 21.......Kolacky making day
  • Sept. 24-26...Take your parent to PE week
  • Sept. 28.......Homecoming Parade - Raven Stream students will be bused over near the Falcon Ridge to watch the parade! Go Trojans!

Pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House: Raven Stream is collecting aluminum tabs for this wonderful charity. Your child can bring in tabs any time to donate. Thank you to those who have donated. Ronald McDonald House

Please help your child get a good night's sleep each night and start the day with a healthy breakfast. We've got lots of learning to do. : ) Have a great week!

Kara Brandt