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Peek at Our Week


Dec 16, 2018

One more exciting week before Christmas break! Gingerbread houses will be on Wednesday morning. I hope you can join us. : ) 

Gingerbread houses- We are so excited!!! On Wednesday, from 10:30 -12:00, our class will be making gingerbread houses. It's a fun first grade tradition! All parents are welcome to join in on the construction and excitement. Lunch is at 12:05, so if you'd like to have lunch with your child, you may do that too. The gingerbread houses will be going home with your child in ice cream buckets. 

Rollerskating in Phy-Ed starting Jan. 8-22 on our phy-ed days. The rollerskating unit will be for 1st through 5th grade students.  We have helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, and roller skates. Students are encouraged to bring their own bike or skate helmets. Also, they need to wear long socks, preferable 2 pairs! Students will not be able to skate if they do not have long socks, due to the possibility of blisters. No personal skates will be allowed!

Need to bring:
   1. 2 pairs of long socks to keep at school for gym days
   2. Helmet, if you have one

* Can you help with tying skates? We are looking for volunteers to help tie laces so the students have more time to roller skate. All help is appreciated. Plus, you can see your child skate! 

Photo Gallery - Check out pictures of our class here.

* Please remember your child works hard all day at following directions, listening, learning and playing. Please help your child by getting a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast every day. 


***This is what we'll be learning this week...


  • Our Story - An Egg is an Egg
  • Phonics -  Vowel sounds of Y
  • Sight Words - day thing when which why try study so
  • Comprehension skill - compare, contrast
  • Grammar/Writing- verbs/action words
  • Handwriting - N, n and Y, y


  • Spelling Words Skill  - vowel sound in y
  • Click on the "Spelling List" tab on the left.  Note: Mrs. Mushitz and Mrs. Fadden's reading classes may have different words.
  • Spelling City - A great website to practice spelling words. Search for the title of our story of the week to find the correct list. 


  • Length measurement
  • 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less of a number
  • Addition time tests
  • Missing addends: 2+__=7
  • Number stories
  • At home practice: Write a number and your child can write the correct amount of tally marks, and you write tallies and they figure out how many total tally marks. Practice skip counting by 5's. Students should be writing tally mark lines from top to bottom.
  • Skip counting by 10's and 5's to 120

HEALTH  - Taking care of myself

SOCIAL STUDIES - Economics: wants/needs, jobs/budget, and saving


PHY-ED - Your child will have Mr. Bastyr and Mrs. Smith for their gym class. Check out their website to find out what they're learning.

Dates to Remember:

  • Dec. 19.........Gingerbread houses 10:30-12:00
  • Dec. 24-Jan 1...Winter Break
  • Jan. 18..........End of the semester
  • Jan. 21..........No school
  • Jan. 24..........Field Trip to River Bend Nature Center

Pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House: Raven Stream is collecting aluminum tabs for this wonderful charity. Your child can bring in tabs any time to donate. Thank you to those who have donated. Ronald McDonald House

Please help your child get a good night's sleep each night and start the day with a healthy breakfast. We've got lots of learning to do. : ) Have a great week!

Kara Brandt