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WEEKLY UPDATE: September 24 - 28

Dates to Note:


September 24 – 26: Take Your Parent to P.E. Week

September 24 – 28: NPHS Homecoming Week

September 24 – 28: Gr. 4 selling homecoming buttons before school

September 28 - Homecoming Parade (our lunch/recess will be from 11:00-11:30)

September 24 – School Board Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. (DO Board Room) 

October 3 - Picture Retakes    



1.  Take your parent to PE WEEK is this week and our day is Monday, Sept. 24.  Our PE time is 10:05-10:55 if you wish to join in.

2.  Homecoming Pepfest - Thurs. 9/27 - grade 3 students should wear yellow. 

3.  Homecoming Parade - Fri. 9/28 - our lunch/recess time will be moved up to 11:00-11:30.  All students should wear NP Trojan gear or red/black. 

4.  Picture Retakes - Wed. 10/3



Trait of the Month:  Respect  

Treating others the way you would like to be treated 


**This month we will discuss respect of others, ourselves, and materials.  At the end of September, students who have shown exceptional growth in and have become great role models of respect,  will be selected to receive a Character Kid certificate by their 3rd grade teacher. 



Focus Skill:  Similes and Metaphors (Figurative Language)

***Figurative Language includes special forms that writers use to help readers make a strong connection to their words.  Similes and Metaphors are two kinds of figurative language.  Similes compare two things by using the words "like" or "as".  A metaphor makes a direct comparison of two things unlike things.  You can tell the difference between a metaphor and a simile because similes use like or as and metaphors don't.  Metaphors often use a form of the verb "to be".  The verb can be in the past tense (was, were), the present tense (am, is, are), or future tense (will be).

   SIMILE EXAMPLE:  He's as fast as a rabbit. 

   METAPHOR EXAMPLE:  Her smile is the sun. 



1. prepare - to get ready for something

2.  drought - an unusually long period of dry weather

3.  fragile - something delicate and easily broken  

4.  spectacular - something that is unusually amazing 



Continue practicing each night at home.



This week's skill:  Subjects & Predicates                                                                    



MATH:   Unit 1 - Math Tools, Time, and Multiplication

Lessons Being Taught:    

**Measuring Mass

**Unit 1 Study Guide (Tues., 9/25)

**Unit 1 Test (Wed. 9/26)   

**Reading Temperatures

**Review:  Place Value through 10,000



Be watching for a Math Home Link to come home most days during the week.  These should be done that night and returned the next day.  If you child brings them back the next day completed, they will receive one point towards their Math grade. 

MATH FAMILY LETTER:  Each time we begin a new Math Unit I will be sending home a Family Letter.  Please keep this for future reference, as the last page will have the answers to that unit's Math Home Links.


Math Home Links

Here is a great website that has ALL of the homelinks in one place so you are able to print them at home. This is always helpful because sometimes they get lost between school and going home. :)




SCIENCE:    Chapter 1 - Plants and How they Grow

Lessons Being Taught:       

**How are plants from the past like today's plants?

**Guided Inquiry:  How fast do different kinds of seeds germinate? 

**Chapter 1 Study Guide (Wed. 9/26) 

**Chapter 1 Kahoot! Review (Thurs. 9/27) 

**Chapter 1 Test (Fri., 9/28) 

PLEASE NOTE:   Each Chapter we will complete a Study Guide and take the test two days later.  This will allow the kids two days to study.  They don't know it, but the test questions are the same as the Study Guide questions, just asked in a different way.



We have been reviewing our printing and then will begin cursive.




Other Things to Note... 

    **Please check my weekly updates each week for updates on what we are doing in the classroom and what you can expect your kids to be doing.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions/concerns when they arise...email works best for me, but you could also send a note or leave me a voicemail too.




Mrs. Harkins