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WEEKLY UPDATE: November 27- December 1

Dates to Note:


December 13 - Pajama Drive PJs due

December 18th - Raven Stream Band/Choir Concert - 5 p.m. @ Raven Stream Gym 

December 22 - Jan.1  HOLIDAY BREAK /NO SCHOOL K-12 staff and students


Other Things to Note... 


The kids did a great jobs on their Kindness Rocks.  Don't be surprised if you find one in lying in your path when you least expect it!  :0)



Due Wednesday, December 13.




Continue reading, filling out, and turning in your yellow Reading Logs for this. 





Trait of the Month:  KINDNESS

Doing good things to bring happiness to others.





Focus Standard:  1.  Summarizing

                                 2.  Elements of Plot 

                                 3.  Fact & Opinion






1.  independent - when you think and act for yourself 

2.  inflate - fill something with air or gas 

3.  adjustable - if you can change something to make it fit or work better   

4.  astonish - if you greatly surprise someone




Spelling Skill:  Words with spl-, thr-, squ-, str-

Grammar skills:  Singular Possessive Nouns


*Students will be given 10 spelling words. Five of those ten will follow a pattern. The other 5 are commonly misspelled words. There is not a pretest. On Friday students will have a test that goes in the grade book.
A few things to note while helping your child practice-
*If letters are backwards it will be wrong.
*If it is uppercase when it should not be it will be marked wrong.
*If it is not capitalized and it should be, it will be wrong. 
*****Visit our classroom Spelling City page to practice spelling words. 




MATH:   Unit 3:  Operations

Lessons Being Taught:   

*What's My Rule? 

*Estimating Costs   

*Partial-Sums Addition   

*Column Addition   


***Please click on the Math link above, to the left, just below the Symbaloo page link.  On this page there are separate links for tutorials on all the addition and subtraction strategies that we will be introducing the kids to over the next week or so. 



Math Home Links

Here is a great website that has ALL of the homelink in one place so you are able to print them at home. This is always helpful because sometimes they get lost between school and going home. :)





Unit 2 - "Communities Change" 

LIn this unit students will learn how communities change over time.  They will track American communities, from the first English settlement in Jamestown to the birth of small towns in the West, and eventually to thriving cities.     


Lessons Being Taught: 

*First Communities   

*A New Country   

*Moving West







This week we will learn the lowercase "e" and "l".




Other Things to Note... 

    **Please check my weekly updates each week for updates on what we are doing in the classroom and what you can expect your kids to be doing.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions/concerns when they arise...email works best for me, but you could also send a note or leave me a voicemail too.




Mrs. Harkins