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WEEKLY UPDATE: December 10 - 14



December 10 - 17:  Study for Landforms final test

December 17 – 5th Grade Fine Arts Night (6:00 – 7:00 p.m.; Gym)

December 17 - Initial Island Project Due

December 18 - Landforms final test

December 18 – NPHS Choir Concert @ 9:30 a.m. (Gym)

December 24 January 1:  No School( Holiday Break)

January 2 - School Resumes



Please be sure read the Social Studies updates below.  There is information about a project we are starting, due dates, and Study Guide and testing dates for the Landforms unit.        



Trait of the Month:   Responsibility 

To take care of things that need to be done




Focus Standard:  1.  Theme

                                 2.  Prefixes, Suffixes, & Root Words  



1.  fragrance:  a pleasant smell or odor

2. reasonable:  something that is sensible and fair

3.  vanish:  when things disappear

4.  anticipate:  when you expect something to happen



Regular schedule with the final test being on Fridays.



This week's skill:  Action & Linking Verbs                                                              



MATH:   Unit 4:  Measurement & Geometry

Lessons Being Taught:     

**Special Quadrilaterals 


**Area & Perimeter 

**Area & Composite Units 

**Number Sentences for Area of Rectangles



Be watching for a Math Home Link to come home most days during the week.  These should be done that night and returned the next day.  If you child brings them back the next day completed, they will receive one point towards their Math grade. 

MATH FAMILY LETTER:  Each time we begin a new Math Unit I will be sending home a pink copy of the Family Letter.  Please keep this for future reference, as the last page will have the answers to that unit's Math Home Links.


Math Home Links

Here is the website that has ALL of the Home Links in one place so you are able to print them at home. This is always helpful because sometimes they get lost between school and going home. :)




SOCIAL STUDIES:  Map Skills - Part 2   (Landforms)

Lessons Being Taught: 

On Monday, Dec. 10 we will be going over the Landforms unit Study Guide.  The final test will be taken on Tuesday, Dec. 18.        

The rest of this week will be spent on our "Initial Island Projects".  This project will allow the opportunity to apply all that has been learned from our Map Skills Units.  They will be creating an island in the shape of a letter they pick.  They will need to include all the map TODALS, five landforms, and a nearby continent.  This project will be due on Monday, December 17.  I will be giving the kids four 30 minute time periods to work at school on this.  Whatever they do not have done by Friday, Dec. 14 will need to be finished over the weekend and turned in no later than Monday, Dec. 17.



This week we will work on the cursive lowercase letters "h" and "f".




Other Things to Note... 

Read to the Final Four -  In conjunction with the Men's NCAA Final Four coming to Minnesota in 2019, students will be starting the Read to the Final Four reading initiative for Minnesota 3rd graders. A note about this was sent home on Monday, Nov. 5.   Students have been logged in and will have access at school, home, or anywhere with Wi-Fi on a web-based device.  No matter where your child reads, minutes will be tracked, so please encourage them to read  using the myOn platform.  An additional bonus, is that they will continue to have access to this website until June 30, 2019 once the bracketed competition ends.  There is a link to this website on my Symbaloo page or you can follow the directions on the back of the sheet to bookmark it for yourself. 

BOOK TALKS:  Reminder that these have started.  Student names are on our monthly classroom calendar for who does Book Talk and who does Sharing each day.  Please check over the calendar when it comes home to see when your child is expected to give their Book Talk.  If your child has a Book Talk that month, a Book Talk template will be sent home with the calendar, for them to fill out.      

**Please check my weekly updates each week for updates on what we are doing in the classroom and what you can expect your kids to be doing.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions/concerns when they arise...email works best for me, but you could also send a note or leave me a voicemail too.




Mrs. Harkins