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Weekly Updates


Please take a peek at this page often because I update it weekly. On this page you will find a snapshot of our academics for the week and any special announcements or events. 

Updates for the Week of:

November 20th, 2017




The menu for Kid's Choice on Tuesday, Nov., 21 is:

Chicken Nuggets
Cooked Carrots
Johnny Pop



Kindness Rocks

To continue our learning about kindness this month, students will participate in a rock painting class on Nov. 21 from 2:30-3:30 pm.  They will paint rocks with messages of encouragement and kindness to spread around the community.

Each student needs to bring 2 smooth rocks no bigger than the size of their hand for this activity.

Thank you,

Mrs. Belanger



Dictionary Skills

Today we started our Dictionary Skills. We will do the first one together on the board in class. Dictionary skills are graded and put into the grade book for points. I discussed with students the importance of using the dictionary that they got from the Lions. If they use a different dictionary that they have at home the answers may vary from my answer key. If students do not finish them in class they will come home as homework. In the planner you will see it abbreviated as DS. 



PJ DRIVE letter coming home today with book order. 

Dear Families,

Third grade has decided to participate in Scholastic's Pajama Drive this holiday season.  You will receive a flyer about the drive attached to book orders today in your child's backpack.  As a grade level we are practicing the character trait, kindness.  We felt this service project was a great way to have students discuss and practice kindness during the month of November and December.  The details of the drive are listed below.  Remember, participation in this activity is OPTIONAL!  Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Scholastic Pajama Drive

November 10 - December 13

Bring in a pair of NEW pajamas in any size to your teacher.

When the collection is over, your teacher will report the number of pajamas collected to Scholastic and bring them to the appropriate drop-off site.  The pajamas will then be distributed to children of all ages living in shelters or poverty in our area. 

For each, pajama donated, Scholastic will pair a book with them so the receiving child can curl up in new pajamas with a good book when it's time for bed.

For further information you can visit this website: http://www.scholastic.com/pajamadrive/

Finally, the book orders sent home with this flyer are due on November 22.  Included is the 'Holiday Book Order', so as a reminder, if you want books as gifts for the holidays, this is the order to do it.  If you order in December, they will not make it here before Winter Break.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.


11-13-17 Holiday Sharing

A letter explaining Holiday Sharing will be sent home tomorrow. We discussed wants vs. needs in class. Students should be helping out around the house or at a family member's house to earn money to bring in. The money used will purchase clothing for a child in need. Please remember that this is optional. Students know they shouldn't whine or complain if their family chooses not to participate.

***All donations need to be turned in by November 22nd.

***Purchased items are due by November 30th. 

***Our goal is $60 per classroom.

****** We had multiple families volunteer to shop for our holiday child. Thank you so much! 




GRAMMAR Reminder:

Students will get a blue grammar page that follows the grammar skill for the week. We  go over 3-4 examples from each page in the packet together on the board. Students will be given class time to complete the packet. If it is not completed in class it will become homework and go home. There will be 1 graded page that is due by Friday for points. Students have been encouraged each week to bring it home to go over the graded page with a parent. 




*Don't forget to continue to practice your basic addition and subtraction math facts at home. Students can take home time tests to practice or you can print them from our classroom website. 





Raven Stream has been challenged to read 50,000 books by the end of the school year. Third graders have been challenged to read 30 books per child. A yellow reading log will be stapled in the front of student planners. Once that log is full, bring it back to school so I can record it and give you a new one. 



Image result for why can't i skip my 20 minutes of reading   






11-22-17  Holiday Sharing Money Due

11-22-17  Book Orders Due 

11-23-17  NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

11-24-17  NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

12-13-17  PJ Drive Ends Today

12-18-17  Raven Stream Band/Choir Concert 5 pm in the gym


Reading : 11-20-17-




Authors Purpose 





 Spelling: (no spelling 11-20-17)


Friday: Post-test

Students will have a 10 word spelling list.  Visit our Spelling page to find our words and other important information. 

Visit our classroom Spelling City website to play spelling games. 


 Multiplication Strategies


**Remember to practice your addition and subtraction facts at home. As well as telling time! Please remember that your child is NOT graded on their time tests but it is still very important. This is used to measure the progress of their fact fluency.


Check out our math page for helpful videos on math strategies learned in class! It also has a link to websites that we use in class to reinforce concepts.  


At Home Practice: 

Below are resources for additional math practice at home to reinforce concepts learned in class. 

**Keep practicing math addition, subtraction, and MULTIPLICATION facts each week at home. As well as telling time. 


Front Row Math 

Mrs. Belanger's MATH Symbaloo Page 


Social Studies:

Unit 1: Communities & Geography

  • What is a community?

  • Communities Big & Small

  • Our Countries Geography

  • Our Natural Resources

  • People & Environment



We have started a quick review packet of printing and that will last another week or two. Students get a handwriting grade in third grade. Please encourage your child to take their time. There will be times that I will ask students to try it again if I can not read it. I remind them if I have to squint to read it then I will get "Granny wrinkles" so please don't make me squint. :)  After that we will begin with cursive handwriting! I know many students are excited to learn cursive!   

Character Counts Word of the Month:

KINDNESS:  doing good things to bring happiness to others


 Kindness Boomerang Video


Each day we watch a 1 minute Rusty video. Rusty talks about different things to help create a learning community based on healthy relationships, mutal respect, and high achievement. Take a peek at the website if you want to learn more about Rusty.