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9-12 Curriculum Maps

High School Registration Guide


Business Education


Health/Physical Education

Special Education

Industrial Technology

Language Arts

Core Curriculum: Holt McDougal Literature 2012
New standards to be implemented fall 2025




Google Document Music Academic Standards

Concert Choir
Music Theory
Google Document Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band and Varsity Choir
Varsity Choir
Google Document Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble and Concert Choir
Womens 9-10 Choir
Google Document Concert Band
Google Document High School Choirs


Social Studies

Google Document Social Studies Academic Standards

Google Document American Civics
AP US History A
AP US History B
Google Document Basic Social
CIS Psychology A (Hybrid)
CIS Psychology B (HyBrid)
Current Social Issues
Diverse Perspectives
Google Document Economics
Future Studies
Google Document Geography
Google Document Growth of America
Google Document Minnesota History
Modern America
Google Document Post WWII US History
Google Document Psychology
Google Document Sociology
Google Document World History
Google Document Ethnic Studies
Google Document Social Studies

World Languages

Google Document World Languages Academic Standards

German I A&B

Google Document G1A-Einfuhrung
Google Document G1A-K1
Google Document G1A-K2
Google Document G1B-K3
Google Document G1B-K4
Google Document G1B-K5

German II A&B

Google Document G2A-K8
Google Document G2A-K10
Google Document G2B-K-1
Google Document G2B-Einfuhrung

German III A&B

Exchange Program in Germany

Google Document G3A-K2
Google Document G3A-K3
Google Document G3B-K4
Google Document G3B-K5 

CIS Spanish A

Core Curriculum: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

CIS Spanish B

CIS Spanish (Hybrid)

Google Document Spanish I A
Google Document Spanish I  B
Google Document Spanish II A
Google Document Spanish II B
Google Document Spanish III A&B