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Snow Day/ Blended Learning for BAND

#1. Practice your Instrument!

- Warm Up (buzz list for brass, finger olympics for flutes, LONG TONES for everyone on Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol) 

- Practice your assigned circled songs. Practice each one 4 times. Feel free to play along with the CD that came with your book!

- The BEST way to practice....practice with another friend who's in BAND!  

#2. Search on YouTube for professional musicians who play your instrument. There are some awesome videos out there.

#3. Find free music for your instrument online. A lot of times you can find songs that are popular on the radio that are online. You may need to learn a new note or two in order to play them - in which case, look up the fingering chart of your instrument in the back of the book (2nd to the last page).

#4. Want to get some songs crossed off?  Send me a video of you playing one of your assignments! I will watch/listen/evaluate and email you back if you can cross off the song. It's a great way to get ahead of everyone else!  Please submit via Google Classroom or Flipgrid.



Mrs. Spindler