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September 3 - November 12:   started 2020-2021 school year as Hybrid
November 17:   moved to distance learning

NPHS Change to Distance Learning Communications

November 10:  Notification that NPHS is changing learning model to Distance Learning
November 13:  Communication to all Hybrid NPHS Families
November 16:  Counselor's Corner: DL Edition
November 16:  Communication to Distance Learner NPHS Families
November 20:  One Week Complete of Distance Learning -- Clarifications
December 1:  Wednesday Schedule Begins December 2

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the change to Distance Learning Start?

November 17

Does my child have to "check in" on the no school days of November 13 and 16?

November 13 and November 16 are NO SCHOOL days for NPHS only.  You do not need to "check in" on Campus Portal. CLC will remain in session.

How does attendance look during distance learning?

  • Attendance is required.
  • Teachers will take attendance on students' synchronous days.
  • On asynchronous days students will log into Infinite Campus to self-report attendance.
  • In essence, attendance systems do not change with this learning plan.
  • Parents/guardians should continue to report absences on the attendance line at 952-758-1205.
  • Notifications will continue to be sent at 2:15 PM daily to students who have not "checked in" or are absent.

What are student responsibilities during distance learning?

All high school teachers will utilize Google Classroom as their shared virtual learning space and will continue to do so during distance learning. Each teacher's Google Classroom will serve as a resource for assignments, materials, discussions, and avenues for turning in work.

Students at NPHS will continue to follow the Group A & Group B Schedule. What does this mean?

@ School Days = Synchronous Learning Days

  • Expected to log into the Google Meet found in Google Classroom for each class at the start of EVERY hour.
  • Follow this time schedule for your classes
  • Attendance will be taken by your teacher for each of your classes on these days
  • Complete daily work and assignments by 8:00 P.M. unless you have been in contact with your teacher in advance to make an alternative arrangement.
  • If course materials are necessary, students must pick them up or call the high school office to make other arrangements. We will provide an organized space for class materials near the Main Entrance.

  • So for instance, if you are a B-day student on all B-days, you are logging in to each of your Google classes at the start of that class.

"At Home" Days = Asynchronous Learning Days

  • Attendance "Check-In" via Campus Portal (just like you have been)
  • Expected to log into each Google Classroom "at home" day to complete whatever learning activities or assignments have been posted.
  • Complete daily work and assignments by 11:59 P.M. unless you have been in contact with your teacher in advance to make an alternative arrangement.
  • If course materials are necessary, students must pick them up or call the high school office to make other arrangements. We will provide an organized space for class materials near the Main Entrance.

  • So for instance, if you are a B-day student on A-days, you are checking into each of your classes to complete asynchronous lessons and assignments.

Teachers will post a weekly agenda by 7:40 on the first day of each school week for both groups. Below is an example of what it could look like when a student logs into their google classroom for the week. *Please note that formats and styles may vary depending on class-specific needs.

Class Times Schedule

All students (Group A, Group B, Distance Learners) will follow this class time schedule beginning November 17. All students will have the time slot for lunch.


What are teachers responsibilities during distance learning?

  • At this time, unless there are extenuating circumstances, teachers will report to the high school daily.
  • Weekly plans will be posted on the first day of the school week and daily classroom activities each day by 7:40 AM.
  • Teachers will meet synchronously with students following the district-wide A/B schedule. This may happen in a whole cohort setting, small groups, or individual meetings.
  • Teachers will be available to students for academic support via Google Classrooms, email, and or phone/voicemail until 3:00 with 30 minutes set aside for lunch.
  • Teachers will make reasonable efforts to respond to questions and concerns within 24 hours. For example, if a teacher receives an email at 4:00 on Monday, teachers will make a reasonable effort to respond by 4:00 PM on Tuesday. If a teacher receives an email on Friday at 2:00 PM they will make a reasonable effort to respond by 2:00 PM on the following Monday. All teachers will be teaching live sessions five days a week and will not be able to immediately respond to emails.
  • Students requiring clarification are encouraged to ask those questions during synchronous learning sessions or during school-wide office hours as they may not get an immediate response via email.

Academic Support

Students requiring help from teachers will have several options:

  • They may set up virtual appointments with teachers before or after school.
  • Starting December 2 all teachers will have virtual office hours on Wednesdays at a designated time. Students may log into any teacher's Google Meet to ask questions and get help. That schedule will be made available by November 25, 2020.
  • Students may request a virtual appointment with their counselor at any time.

How does distance learning look like for concurrent enrollment, AP, and MARS classes?

These are rigorous, college courses being taken for college credit. Each course has independent curriculum requirements as set forth by their cooperating institutions (University of Minnesota, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota State University, the College Board, and others). As a partnering school, we must adhere to this curricula in order to guarantee that students may attain college credit. Consequently, our staff may deviate from the learning plan schedule as outlined above in order to ensure that they are meeting these credit requirements. Students will likely be meeting synchronously more frequently and find that the course load is significantly greater. If school-life balance becomes a concern, please contact your student's counselor to develop a plan.

Students in the Building

At this time, we are reviewing and developing plans to bring small groups of students into the building on a very limited basis. The criteria for determining which students are coming into the building will be based on academic and curricular needs. This may apply to students that are currently qualified to receive specialized services and those that are enrolled in classes that require a hands-on component. Individual students and families will be contacted directly as plans are finalized.

Materials Pick Up

If you have materials to pick up, the high school building will be open each school day from 7:30-2:30 PM.  Each department will have a section in the locker bank area.  Industrial Tech, Art, and Media Center materials will be picked up in their individual areas/classrooms. If you have questions, please call the high school office at 952-758-1200.

Compass Learning Center Remaining in Hybrid Model

Compass Learning Center will continue to remain in the hybrid model during this time. However, on Thursday, November 19, and Friday, November 20, there will be no school for students as teachers plan for the continued maintenance of the hybrid model.


2020-2021 School Calendar

2020-2021 School Calendar

How do I contact teachers, main office, counselors, & administration?

You can email all staff/teachers/administrators directly with your question. Click here for the District Staff Directory to contact any staff in our district.

HS Attendance Line: 952-758-1205
HS Main Office: 952-758-1200. Leave a message and your call will be returned.
Counselors: Use the appointment request forms.
HS Activities Office: 952-758-1227 or

NPAS Technology Help Desk

For Staff & Students & Parents   
  • Phone: (952) 758-1790
  • (must have an account to send to this address)
  • Web Help Desk: Staff Resources Page > Web Help Desk button
    • Login with school computer login (not Google or Chromebook login)


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