The 20 Mile March - Part 2

At the April 18th Staff Development Day (SDD) I encouraged everyone to keep moving forward with your "20 Mile March"...

  • Chrome apps & extensions
  • Google Docs format & add-ons
  • Multimedia & Google Forms

To assist and support staff with these goals, I am in the process a creating another online Moodle course. The course page will contain short training videos and activities to help you with these tasks. Even if you are a high-end technology user, I encourage you to watch these resources so everyone receives the same message. Follow the steps below to enroll in the course.

  1. Log into NP Moodle:
  2. Under Quick Links, click the Staff Development link
  3. Click the 20 Mile March - Part 2 link (Note: This course builds off the skills demonstrated in 20 Meter Hill - Part 1)
  4. Enter the Enrollment Keystaff
  5. Congratulations, you are now enrolled in the course!

If you are looking for additional resources from the SDD presentation, you can find them here. Remember, don't get overwhelmed with all the technology resources. The message is to continue moving forward. Keep it simple… let’s build a common vocabulary, understanding, and working knowledge of Google Drive.