Collaboration with Google Docs is on the Rise

Google provides technology administrators an "Admin Dashboard" to help manage district user accounts and application settings. The dashboard also includes reports which indicate the trends in application use. In this report, the red line indicates the number of Creators (user accounts) we have district-wide. Since November 2013, we have grown from 3,308 users to 3,688 (11% increase). Why would this number grow so dramatically during this period of the school year? Two reasons...

  1. A large number of staff members enrolled in the 20m Hill course. Several were activating their NP Google accounts for the first time.
  2. Classroom teachers are seeing the benefits of students using Google Docs. With the teachers' guidance, students are activating their NP Google accounts at the younger grade levels as well.

One of the 4 C's of 21st century learning is collaboration. I am even more encouraged to see the blue line, Collaborators, increase from 2,967 to 3,745 (26% increase). This shows staff and students are not simply using Google Docs as a replacement for word processing, they are sharing, communicating, and collaborating in new and innovative ways!